News Feb. 09, 2023

Hioki to Open Creative Collaboration Lab in Its Innovation Center

Facility will work with customers to develop technologies for solving societal issues

Hioki is pleased to announce the establishment of the Creative Collaboration Lab in the Hioki Innovation Center. The company plans to open the lab in early April 2023.
As it works towards realizing Vision 2030, its long-term management plan, Hioki is striving to create new customer value and build relationships for collaborating creatively with customers to forge a new society. As part of those efforts, the company decided to open part of its existing Innovation Center to create the Creative Collaboration Lab, which will foster creative collaboration with customers in a space that’s equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. In the lab, personnel will work with customers and corporate partners to develop new elemental technologies and products for resolving societal issues through electrical measurement technology.
Going forward, Hioki will leverage the Creative Collaboration Lab to further accelerate innovation.

Overview of the Creative Collaboration Lab

1. Facility

(1) Six labs for joint experimentation
 Renovation of three existing labs to add security functionality
 Addition of three new labs
(2) Conversational space

2. Example development domains and equipment

(1) Batteries
 Equipment for processes ranging from material blending to cell prototyping
 Development of solutions for optimizing battery development and production processes
(2) Power electronics
 Motor bench evaluation equipment
 Development of technologies and functionality needed to facilitate the high-precision measurement of motors and inverters
(3) Hydrogen
 Equipment for evaluating fuel cells (FCs) and water electrolysis cells (EC)
 Development of new solutions for visualizing the dynamic cell characteristics of FCs and ECs

Artist’s conception of the completed Creative Collaboration Lab

  • Artist’s conception of the new labs as seen from outside
  • Artist’s conception of the conversational space

Overview of the Hioki Innovation Center

The Innovation Center was established in 2015 (on the 80th anniversary of Hioki’s founding). The facility is based on the concept of serving as a “Platform to the Future.” The underlying philosophy is to serve as a platform for bringing together people and information to spark innovation in the context of natural interactions and for communicating new things to customers. In addition to a workplace that brings together engineers on one floor, the facility includes equipment for use in developing new products and technologies as well as labs equipped for various purposes. It’s dedicated to combining expertise to embrace the challenge of developing innovative technologies for the future and creating measurement solutions that will pioneer the next generation.


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