Product Apr. 04, 2019

GENNECT Cross for Windows SF4000 PC Software Updated to Version 2.20

April 3, 2019 - Nagano, Japan

Hioki is pleased to announce that SF4000 “GENNECT Cross for Windows,” the free Windows application, has been updated to version 2.20.  With this update, the Power Analyzer PW6001 and PW3390 will be added to the compatible instruments that support real-time measurement (logging / monitoring) of LAN-connected devices.

By linking existing devices such as a data logger (Hioki LR8400, LR8401, LR8402, LR8410, LR8416) and a power analyzer via LAN, test results such as temperature, analog input data, voltage, current, power, efficiency, loss, etc., from all connected devices can be viewed together using the software.

Up to 512 test results including voltage, current, power, efficiency, loss temperature, and various analog input can be combined on one display, making the software extremely effective for integrated evaluation and analysis of many phenomena.

Download GENNECT Cross for Windows ver 2.20

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GENNECT Cross for Windows SF4000
Power Analyzer PW6001


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