Product Nov. 08, 2017

Hioki Launches Flagship Memory HiCorder MR6000

Instrument Achieves High-Speed Measurement at 200 MS/s and Real-Time Saving of Data 32 Times Faster than Legacy Models
November 8, 2017 - Nagano, Japan

Hioki is pleased to announce the launch of the Memory HiCorder MR6000.

It was back in 1983 that Hioki launched its first Memory HiCorder model. Today, the line of products ranges from handheld, 2-channel models that offer a compact, lightweight design to standard models primarily designed to measure 16 channels using a plug-in module architecture and multichannel models (with 54 channels of capacity) that can be embedded in production lines. With high-speed measurement at 200 MS/s—10 times faster than the previous model—and high-speed, real-time saving of measurement data that is 32 times faster than the previous model, the newly launched MR6000 stands ready to earn its keep as Hioki’s flagship model.

Principal Applications
1. Test inverter performance

Capable of simultaneously measuring 16 channels of insulation data while maintaining its 200 MS/s speed, the MR6000 can measure high-speed, high-voltage signals in inverter performance testing more accurately and safely than ever before.

2. Record electronic control unit (ECU) signals
To record electronic control unit (ECU) signals in automobiles and transport equipment, an instrument must be capable of multichannel measurement. Used with the 4-channel Analog Unit U8975 (which is being launched alongside the MR6000), the instrument can simultaneously measure as many as 32 channels.

3. Measure multiple physical phenomena
By choosing which modules to install in the MR6000, it is possible to measure not only voltage, but also a variety of physical phenomena, including current, temperature, strain, and frequency. The instrument’s exceptional performance is particularly helpful in such applications.

Product Features
1. High-speed measurement at 200 MS/s (10 times faster than legacy models) when used with the High-speed Analog Unit U8976
Hioki is launching the High-speed Analog Unit U8976 as a plug-in module at the same time as the MR6000. When used in combination with the U8976, the MR6000 can perform high-speed measurement at 200 MS/s*, 10 times faster than previous models. This level of performance enables the instrument to capture minutely detailed waveform changes whose assessment is essential in applications such as motor and inverter performance testing.

*1 Equivalent to 200 million measurements per second

2. High-speed, real-time saving of measurement data (32 times faster than legacy models)
In testing applications, it’s critical to measure all phenomena at once since there may be only one chance to capture that data. Due to the enormous amount of measurement data generated when multiple channels are measured simultaneously at a high sampling rate, past instruments have been limed in their ability to save data in real time to recording media. Used with the optional SSD Unit U8332, the MR6000 can save data at the rate of 1 MS/s for 32 channels in real time for a period of one hour. This capability relies on a data transfer speed that is 32 times faster than that of the previous model.

3. New Memory HiCorder function: Automatic search for anomalous waveforms with Memory HiCorder Concierge
The MR6000 is the first Memory HiCorder in history to offer Memory HiCorder Concierge, a powerful feature that automatically detects the characteristics of a basic waveform that is set by the user in advance and then automatically searches all measured data for waveforms that exhibit a low degree of similarity to the basic waveform, indicating potential anomalies. Due in part to the enormous amount of measurement data that is generated in typical applications, this new function significantly boosts work efficiency.

4. Redesigned interface and data-saving times that are about 1/10th those of legacy models
In the past, the enormous amount of measurement data generated by Memory HiCorders has posed issues in terms of how long it takes to save data to recording media after measurement is complete. Thanks to a redesigned interface that enables faster data transfers from its internal memory, the MR6000 reduces data-saving times to about 1/10th those of previous models.

5. Intuitive configuration process using a touch screen
The MR6000 incorporates a touch screen for even easier operability. Whereas the previous high-end models required users to perform multiple key operations in order to configure the desired settings, the touch screen lets them configure settings directly, making configuration more intuitive and shortening work times.

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Hioki MR6000 Memory HiCorder