Product Jan. 26, 2016

Hioki Launches the Current Sensor CT7000 Series and Display Unit CM7290

Extensive Selection of Current Sensors Facilitates Wide Range of Measurements

January 26, 2016 - Nagano, Japan

Hioki is pleased to announce the launch of the Current Sensor CT7000 series and the Display Unit CM7290.

Current measurement is an essential part of railcar inspections as well as maintenance and management of elevators and solar power equipment. By using the CM7290 with a sensor from the CT7000 series to measure current, customers can generate signal output for observation with a data logger.

These nine newly launched current sensors cover a wide range of applications, enabling Hioki to meet a diverse array of customer needs.

CT7000 Series and CM7290 Applications
·      Inspections of railcars and automobiles
·      Maintenance and management of elevators, solar power equipment, and equipment at manufacturing plants
·      Measurement of current to save energy, etc.

CT7000 Series and CM7290 Features
1. Extensive selection of current sensors to facilitate a broad range of current measurements
The Current Sensor CT7000 series includes nine models, each of which is designed for use in a specific measurement application with a specific measured current magnitude and frequency band. 

The AC/DC Current Sensor CT7600 series is ideally suited for observing instantaneous waveforms and for observing waveforms in locations where there are no temperature variations. 

The AC/DC Auto-zero Current Sensor CT7700 series incorporates a newly developed, switching-based offset-cancellation circuit that enables it to deliver stable measurement performance when recording waveforms for extended periods of time or in the presence of temperature variations. Such applications are problematic when using a conventional sensor. 

The AC Flexible Current Sensor CT7040 series features a flexible sensor that can be deployed in locations that cannot be measured using a clamp-on ammeter with a rigid core. The new sensor delivers stable measurement performance in such applications and can accommodate large currents of up to several thousand amperes. 

All of these newly introduced sensors deliver a high level of safety in the form of CAT IV (600 V) performance. In addition, Hioki’s AC/DC Current Sensors deliver three times the durability of previous products in terms of open/close cycles.

AC/DC Current Sensors - Frequency band: DC to 10 kHz
CT7642 (rated measurement current: 2000 A AC/DC; measurable conductor diameter: 55 mm or less)
CT7636 (rated measurement current: 600 A AC/DC; measurable conductor diameter: 33 mm or less)
CT7631 (rated measurement current: 100 A AC/DC; measurable conductor diameter: 33 mm or less)

AC/DC Auto-zero Current Sensors - Frequency band: DC to 5 kHz
CT7742 (rated measurement current: 2000 A AC/DC; measurable conductor diameter: 55 mm or less)
CT7736 (rated measurement current 600 A AC/DC; measurable conductor diameter: 33 mm or less)
CT7731 (rated measurement current: 100 A AC/DC; measurable conductor diameter: 33 mm or less)

AC Flexible Current Sensors - Frequency band: 10 Hz to 50 kHz
CT7046 (rated measurement current: 6000 A AC; measurable conductor diameter: 254 mm or less)
CT7045 (rated measurement current: 6000 A AC; measurable conductor diameter: 180 mm or less)
CT7044 (rated measurement current: 6000 A AC; measurable conductor diameter: 100 mm or less)

2. Automatic detection of connected current sensor
When a current sensor is connected to the CM7290, the unit automatically detects the type of sensor being used and configures itself accordingly. Consequently, there is no need to change settings manually when switching sensors. The unit can be powered by either two AA batteries or an AC adapter, enabling its use in both short-term and extended measurement applications. Finally, the unit is about half the size of the previous product, which makes it even easier to use.

3. Four output formats to accommodate various applications
In maintenance and management, a signal generated based on current values measured by a current sensor is recorded with a data logger for later analysis.

The CT7000 series and CM7290 provide four output formats to accommodate various analysis applications:
·      Waveform output (output of the unmodified current waveform)
Example application: Recording the amount of current generated by an array of solar panels
·      RMS value output (conversion of the current waveform into a series of RMS values, which are then output)
Example application: Recording and monitoring RMS values for the amount of current used by a manufacturing plant
·      Peak output (output of peak values of the current waveform as absolute values)
Example application: Measurement and monitoring of an equipment power supply’s maximum rating
·      Frequency output (output of the current’s frequency)
Example application: Verification of the frequency of a compressor or motor

In addition, optional Output Cords L9094, L9095, and L9096 can be used to easily connect the Display Unit to a data logger or other instrument.


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