Product Dec. 30, 2015

Hioki Launches Impedance Analyzer IM7581

Instrument Offers 100 Khz to 300 Mhz Measurement Frequency Band with Low-Frequency Coverage

December 30, 2015 - Nagano, Japan

Hioki is pleased to announce the launch of the Impedance Analyzer IM7581.

As today’s information-oriented society continues to evolve, the speed of information transmission mechanisms is increasing thanks to innovations such as high-speed differential transmission, which enables large volumes of data to be sent and received. At the same time, electronic components such as common-mode filters and ferrite beads, which are used to improve skew (difference in delay times) and to counter noise on high-speed transmission lines, are operating at increasingly high frequencies.

Hioki launched the IM7580 last August in response to these market trends. That instrument offers a maximum measurement frequency of 300 MHz, enabling it to measure high-frequency electronic components. Its ability to make measurements in as little as 0.5 ms (0.0005 sec.) means it can test large quantities of electronic components more quickly, helping increase electronic component manufacturers’ productivity.  

The newly launched IM7581 expands the IM7580’s measurement frequency band (1 MHz to 300 MHz) with additional low-frequency coverage for a new band of 100 kHz to 300 MHz. The expanded coverage means that a single IM7581 can be used in production lines and other applications that previously have required two instruments.

Development Background

Currently, high-speed differential transmission and other technologies for sending and receiving large volumes of data are being developed to operate at ever-higher speeds. Electronic components such as common-mode filters and ferrite beads are used to limit noise while maintaining signal quality on high-speed transmission lines, and faster line speeds are driving up the operating frequencies of these components.

Similarly, DC/DC converter switching frequencies are on the rise to allow more compact power supplies for mobile phones and notebook computers. However, large devices continue to use switching frequencies on the order of several hundred kilohertz, requiring electronic component manufacturers to maintain measurement capabilities ranging from several hundreds of kilohertz to several dozens of megahertz for use in product development and shipping inspections. Since few instruments provide such a broad range of measurement frequencies, these companies are often forced to use two instruments to carry out shipping inspections, switching the instrument in use based on the product being tested.

Hioki began working to develop a high-frequency, high-speed impedance analyzer that could also make measurements at the low frequency of 100 kHz based on this need. The result was a single instrument for use in production line and other applications that previously required two instruments.

Principal Applications

  • Shipping inspections of electronic components by component
  • Acceptance inspections and characteristics evaluation of
    electronic components by electronic device manufacturers

Product Features
1. Measurement frequency band of 100 kHz to 300 MHz
The IM7581 provides a measurement frequency band of 100 kHz to 300 MHz. In this way, the instrument offers broader low-frequency coverage than the IM7580, which was launched last year.

LCR meter mode, in which the instrument makes measurements at a single frequency, is ideal for making pass/fail judgments in shipping inspections of electronic components. Analyzer mode, in which the frequency is varied during measurement, is ideal for use in evaluating characteristics during product development. In this way, the IM7581 can be used in a variety of fields and applications.

2. High-speed, high-stability measurement in as little as 0.5 ms for increased productivity

The IM7581 performs measurement at speeds of up to 0.5 ms (0.0005 sec.), promising dramatically improved productivity for electronic component manufacturers that must test large quantities of components quickly.

The IM7581 also delivers measurement repeatability that is 10 times better than that of previous products for more stable measurement, improved production yields, and higher productivity.

3. More compact size for lower production costs

Because electronic component manufacturers create automated testing systems by installing various instruments into racks, a more compact instrument means more test instruments can be installed in  crowded production facilities that are traditionally difficult to re-arrange. The ability to use multiple impedance analyzers simultaneously shortens test times per lot, which increases average production yield and ultimately lowers overall manufacturing costs.

The IM7581 features a half-rack footprint (215 [W] x 200 [H] x268 [D] mm), allowing two instruments to fit side by side in a rack.

4. Various functions for generating pass/fail judgments

The IM7581 includes a new spot judgment function. This capability augments previous instruments’ functionality for generating pass/fail judgments at a single frequency with the ability to generate such judgments at multiple frequencies. In this way, the instrument supports more sophisticated testing of electronic components.

Basic Specifications

Basic accuracy


Measurement speed

FAST: 0.5 ms

MED: 0.9 ms

SLOW: 2.1 ms

SLOW2: 3.7 ms

Measurement range

100 mW
to 5 kW

Measurement frequency

100 kHz to 300 MHz

Measurement signal level

-40.0 dBm to +7.0 dBm / 4 mV to 100 mV / 0.09 mA to 20.02 mA

Simultaneous Launch of the IM7580A (Successor to Model IM7580)

Hioki is also launching the IM7580A, the successor model to the IM7580, at a new, low price. Thanks to a design that is shared with the IM7581, Hioki has been able to lower the cost of the IM7580A, which adds spot judgment as a new function while inheriting the IM7580’s performance, specifications, and ease of use.

Learn more about the IM7580A Impedance Analyzer


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