Product Jan. 07, 2016

Hioki Launches Memory HiCorder MR8847A

Instrument Simplifies Maintenance and Malfunction Analysis When Paired with Various Units

January 7, 2016 - Nagano, Japan

Hioki is pleased to announce the launch of the Memory HiCorder MR8847A.

The instrument is an update to the MR8847, which was launched in May 2011. Used in combination with the newly launched Arbitrary Waveform Generator U8793 and High Voltage Unit U8974, the new instrument simplifies maintenance and malfunction analysis while inheriting the MR8847’s features.

MR8847A Series Applications

  • Power equipment, generating plants, and electrical substations

Power interruption tests, equipment diagnostics, and malfunction analysis

  • Railroad and automotive
Motor development and testing
Defect analysis and quality assurance
  • Service and maintenance of elevators and other equipment
Sequencing circuit maintenance and malfunction analysis
  • Machine tools and production equipment
Maintenance and malfunction analysis


New Features

1.  Simplified maintenance and malfunction analysis when used in combination with newly launched units
In October, Hioki launched the Arbitrary Waveform Generator U8793 and High Voltage Unit U8974. When used in combination with the Arbitrary Waveform Generator, which generates user-defined electrical signal waveforms, the MR8847A can reproduce and generate problematic waveforms measured in the field. This combination can be used in applications such as  simulation testing to aid in the analysis of equipment malfunctions. The MR8847A can perform  all associated tasks, from measurement to generation and analysis of problematic waveforms.

Since the High Voltage Unit U8974 can accept input of voltages of up to 1000 V DC and 700 V AC, it enables the MR8847A to measure overseas high-voltage power lines operating at voltages such as 380 V and 480 V.

2.  Availability of a 128 GB recording media SSD unit as an additional option
The MR8847A is available with a new, internal SSD unit that can store a large volume of data thanks to its large 128 GB capacity.

 3.  MR8847 features such as high-speed sampling and fully isolated channels
The MR8847A inherits the high-speed sampling capabilities of the MR8847, which can perform measurement at speeds of up to 20M samples per second (meaning the instrument can acquire 20 million data points per second). Since all analog channels, up to the maximum complement of 16, are fully isolated, the MR8847A can perform measurement without regard to potential  differences, in the manner of an oscilloscope.


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