Product Dec. 10, 2015

Hioki Launches Digital Phase Detector PD3259

Instrument Uses Non-Metallic-Contact Voltage Sensors To Measure Quickly
And Safely

December 10, 2015 - Nagano, Japan

Hioki is pleased to announce the launch of the Digital Phase Detector PD3259.  The instrument is the world’s first phase detector with a voltage measurement function that uses non-metallic-contact voltage sensors, allowing three-phase electrical wiring work that previously required two instruments—a phase detector and a digital multimeter—to be accomplished with a single device.

Definition of Phase Detector

A phase detector is an instrument used to determine whether three-phase electrical wiring has been connected in the proper order.

Three-phase electrical wiring uses three or more wires to supply AC voltages characterized by three different phases. Operating three-phase equipment with the phases connected improperly can result in an accident or equipment damage.

Conventional phase detectors only detect whether the phases are connected properly, making it necessary to use another instrument such as a digital multimeter to determine the voltage values between each pair of lines.

PD3259 Features

1. Fast, safe phase detection and voltage measurement with no-metal-contact voltage sensors

The PD3259 can both detect phases and measure voltages. It incorporates the world’s first non-metallic-contact voltage sensors, which were developed by Hioki. These sensors make it possible to detect phase and measure voltage simply by clipping the voltage sensors on the outside of each wire’s insulation, eliminating risk of electric shock and short-circuits.

Whereas the conventional approach required workers to confirm phase connections with a phase detector and then make three voltage measurements with a digital voltmeter, the PD3259 can perform all of these operations with a single measurement.

2. Display that is large enough to show all necessary data, simplifying assessment of information

The PD3259 features a large display. Since the phase detection results and three line voltages are displayed at the same time, and since the backlight color changes based on the phase detection results, it is possible to assess the state of the wiring being tested with a single glance. In addition, the instrument can be photographed at the site to provide documentation of the work



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