Product Nov. 22, 2015

Hioki Launches Arbitrary Waveform Generator Unit U8793

Module for Hioki Memory HiCorders Provides Single-instrument Solution for Waveform Recording and Generation
November 22, 2015 - Nagano, Japan

Hioki is pleased to announce the launch of the Arbitrary Waveform Generator Unit U8793.
The current approach to developing vehicles such as automobiles and train cars requires that electrical waveforms be recorded during actual operation of the vehicle (i.e., while in motion) in order to assess
whether control boards are functioning properly. Waveforms for simulation testing are generated based on these recorded electrical waveforms and used to conduct additional testing in an effort to improve vehicle performance.
When combined with a Hioki Memory HiCorder, the new Arbitrary Waveform Generator Unit U8793 enables a
single instrument to both record and generate waveforms.
Development Background
During the development of vehicles such as automobiles and train cars, it is necessary to carry out tests to determine whether control boards used in vehicle equipment such as engine control units and braking systems are functioning properly, and such testing requires that electrical signal waveforms be recorded. Hioki Memory HiCorders are designed to record such electrical waveforms, and these instruments are placed in test vehicles in order to conduct a variety of tests.
During the automobile development process, engineers carry out simulation testing based on test data obtained during actual operation of the vehicles. In some cases, such testing involves creating a more demanding environment than obtained during tests using actual vehicles, for example by adding noise to actual waveform data. By generating such newly created waveform data as electrical signals and inputting them to the control board being tested, engineers are able to verify whether the board will function properly in under more demanding conditions. Repeated testing serves to enhance vehicle performance.
The new Arbitrary Waveform Generator Unit U8793 provides functionality for generating and manipulating electrical waveforms measured using a Memory HiCorder.
U8793 Features
1. Ability to record data while generating waveforms with a single instrument
When the Arbitrary Waveform Generator Unit U8793 is used with a Memory HiCorder, the resulting instrument provides function generator functionality, arbitrary waveform generation functionality, and waveform measurement functionality. In the past, it was necessary to generate the waveform with an arbitrary waveform generator, input that waveform into the control board being tested, and then record the resulting waveform. In this way, the process required two instruments (a waveform generator and a waveform recorder). The U8793 can be used to make such testing more convenient.
  • Function generator function: Functionality for generating preconfigured waveforms such as sine waves and rectangular waves
  • Arbitrary waveform generation function: Functionality for creating and generating user waveforms
2. High output of up to 15 V
In the conventional approach to testing automotive control boards, it is necessary to generate electrical waveforms with an arbitrary waveform generator based on data captured with a waveform recorder that was
connected to an actual vehicle. However, standard arbitrary waveform generators can only generate waveforms of up to 10 V, necessitating use of an amplifier in order to obtain the voltage levels needed for
automotive development work. Use of an amplifier introduces noise into the waveform, making it impossible to generate stable output.
By contrast, the U8793 can generate waveforms of up to 15 V when used with a Memory HiCorder, eliminating issues associated with amplifier use.
3. Ability to generate up to 54 channels of arbitrary waveforms in combination with a Memory HiCorder
The U8793 can generate up to 54 channels of arbitrary waveforms when used with the following Memory HiCorders:
  • MR8740: Up to 54 channels
  • MR8741: Up to 16 channels
  • MR8827: UP to 32 channels

Future generation Memory HiCorders will also be supported.


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