Product Jun. 10, 2015

Hioki Releases White Paper on More Effective Solution to Lithium-ion Battery Testing

Nagano, Japan

Test and measuring equipment leader Hioki E.E. Corporation announced today the release of “From 1 hour to Just 10 Seconds: Using the Low-frequency AC-IR Method as a Quicker and More Stable Alternative to DC-IR Testing of Lithium Ion Batteries” – a white paper that discusses the research and findings that led to the development of a low frequency AC-IR method as an alternative to the traditional DC-IR method for testing the resistance of the electrolyte element and the charge transfer of lithium-ion batteries, two parameters that must be measured to accurately evaluate a battery’s overall quality.

The use of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries in portable consumer electronics and other applications has skyrocketed, pushing manufacturers to deliver products as quickly as possible. Normally, the DC-IR method to test the output characteristics of a battery is used by placing an abrupt current load on the battery while it is in the no-load state and then measuring the voltage drop, but the process can take up to one hour for each battery because it must be charged prior to testing.

Taking the advantages gained from the 1kHz AC-IR method for testing only a battery’s internal resistance, Hioki has developed and verified the viability of a low frequency 1Hz AC-IR method for testing Li-ion batteries after clearing several potential issues such as improving the signal-to-noise ratio, minimizing the inductive field created by the measurement current, and taking a new approach to the measurement probes.

“The need to improve the speed of evaluating the quality of lithium-ion batteries is vital given the rapid rise in its use in not only mobile electronic devices but more recently, battery powered vehicles and industrial equipment. The revolutionary low-frequency AC-IR method greatly
reduces the test cycle time of lithium-ion battery testing compared with the conventional DC-IR method, and can set a new industrial standard," comments Hiroshi Yamazaki, Assistant Manager of Hioki’s Global Product Marketing Division.
“From 1 hour to Just 10 Seconds: Using the Low-frequency AC-IR Method as a Quicker and More Stable Alternative to DC-IR Testing of Lithium Ion Batteries” provides:

* An overview and challenges posed by the more common DC-IR method for testing lithium-ion batteries
* Advantages of using the low frequency AC-IR method
* Other countermeasures to ensure minimum measurement error and testing repeatability

The low frequency AC-IR testing method is manifested in Hioki’s new BT4560 Battery Impedance Meter that is capable of determining the reliability of lithium-ion batteries in just 10 seconds.

Download a complimentary copy of the white paper by clicking the link below.


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