Corporate Apr. 07, 2015

HIOKI Innovation Fair 2015

Nagano, Japan

To celebrate the 80th Anniversary of its founding and the completion of a state-of-the-art research building, the “HIOKI Innovation Center”, Hioki will be holding the “HIOKI Innovation Center”, at its headquarters in Ueda, Nagano, on April 16 and 17. Visitors are invited to view exhibits of HIOKI’s latest technologies as well as future concepts in electrical measuring instruments.

Since its founding in 1935, Hioki E.E. Corporation has been engaged in the development, manufacture, sale, and service of electrical measuring instruments, which have come to be known as the “mother tools” of industry. From an initial period during which mass-production of meters and testers comprised the bulk of its business, the company has sought to create one-of-a-kind products by leveraging the array of sensor technologies it cultivated while developing test and measurement instruments for the global market.

While maturing as an industry leader along with its customers, Hioki has benefited from progress in electronics technology. Today, the company offers an extensive selection comprising of eight product categories that are used in a broad range of industries and fields ranging from research and development to facility and equipment maintenance and service, almost all of which are made at its headquarters in Nagano, Japan.

The 80th anniversary of Hioki’s founding represents an important milestone as the company continues to leverage its long legacy of delivering technological capabilities, including contactless voltage measurement, multi-channel recording and logging, current sensing, impedance analysis, and high-precision probing, in order provide one-of-a-kind products and services, while maintaining its commitment to tireless research and development and to the discerning anticipation of customer needs through close partnerships and communication. Anchored behind this is the company’s longstanding philosophy of Respect for Humanity and Contribution to Society that defines its responsibility to society and dedication to becoming a high value-added company unique in both culture and accomplishment.

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