Product Jun. 01, 2014

Hioki Launches Memory HiCorder MR8870-20

Enhanced Memory Recorder Delivers RMS Measurement for Facility Maintenance Applications

Nagano, Japan

Hioki E.E. Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of the Memory HiCorder MR8870-20.

There has traditionally been a need in the facility maintenance field for the ability to measure supply voltage as an RMS waveform. To accommodate this need, Hioki developed the MR8870-20 by adding functionality for recording RMS waveforms (RMS recorder mode) as well as functionality for simultaneously recording measured values onto an optional CF card to an existing product (the 8870-20).

In the past, paper-based recording devices were used to record RMS waveforms. Hioki aims to leverage the new MR8870-20, which can record measurement data directly in its internal memory, to popularize paperless RMS measurement.

Development Background and Process
In the past, compact instruments designed to record electrical signal waveforms on paper were used in the facility maintenance field as a way to make it easy for engineers to measure data wherever they needed to. However, the need to limit expenditures on recording paper and to manage measurement data electronically has recently driven demand for Memory HiCorders and other instruments capable of recording measurement data in internal memory.

At the same time, there is a need for instruments that are able to measure supply voltage as an RMS waveform. In such applications, the goal is to continuously record supply voltage data over extended periods of time so that engineers can continually ascertain whether measured values diverge from anticipated values, which delineate normal operation. Any such divergence suggests that the equipment in question may be malfunctioning.

Based on these needs, Hioki developed the Memory HiCorder MR8870-20 by adding functionality for recording RMS waveforms (RMS recorder mode) and functionality for saving data in real time to an existing model (the 8870-20). The latter capability allows the instrument to simultaneously record measured values onto an optional CF card.

Principal Applications
* Facility maintenance - Measurement of momentary outages and voltage drops in commercial power supplies [50 Hz/60 Hz] and long-term recording of RMS values
* Analysis of anomalies in DC voltages that are input to and output from uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
* Analysis of issues with sequence control equipment

Product Features
1. Memory recorder mode and RMS recorder mode
The MR8870-20 provides two modes of operation: memory recorder mode, in which it records instantaneous waveform variations, and RMS recorder mode, in which it records supply voltage as an RMS waveform.

(1) Memory recorder mode
In memory recorder mode, the instrument can record instantaneous waveforms at sampling speeds of up to 1M samples per second. Trigger functionality makes it possible to use an input signal to start recording, and numerical calculation functionality allows calculation of average and maximum values for observed waveforms, among other capabilities. These functions let users reliably observe the target waveforms.

(2) RMS recorder mode
In RMS recorder mode, the MR8870-20 can observe supply voltage (50 Hz/60 Hz) RMS waveforms and DC signals at recording intervals as short as 1 msec. (1/1000 sec.). Waveforms can be reviewed during measurement since they are displayed in real time. Additionally, this mode is ideally suited to long-term observation since a scrolling function allows past waveform data to be viewed while measurement is ongoing.

For both recording modes, by connecting an optional current clamp (sold separately), the instrument can easily be used to measure current.

2. Real-time save function
When using automatic save with a slow time-axis setting of 50 ms/div or greater, the recorder can save data onto an optional CF card (sold separately) while simultaneously continuing to measure data. In RMS recorder mode, real-time save is supported for all configurations.

3. Measurement of two analog signals and four logic signals
The MR8870-20 can simultaneously measure data from two analog signal channels and four logic signal channels.
*Logic signal measurement support is limited to memory recorder mode.

4. CAT II (300 V) maximum terminal-to-ground rated voltage
The MR8870-20’s maximum terminal-to-ground rated voltage allows it to be used in CAT II (300 V) measurement applications. Since the instrument supports nominal voltages for both residential (100 V) and industrial (200 V) applications in Japan, it can simultaneously measure the primary and secondary sides of an inverter. The instrument can also be used to measure nominal voltages for residential applications worldwide (up to 240 V).

5. Hioki’s legendary Memory HiCorder functionality, all in the palm of your hand
With a compact form factor that measures just 176 (W) by 101 (W) by 41 (H) and weighs just 600 g, even with the battery pack attached, the MR8870-20 is ideal for use in applications that demand portability and can be stowed unobtrusively in an empty corner of your trip bag.

6. Simple, intuitive operation
The MR8870-20’s Quick Setup function, which displays guidance on the instrument’s screen, makes it easy to navigate settings. Additionally, functionality for monitoring waveforms in real-time on the measurement settings screen lets you change settings while checking the input waveform.

Product Specifications

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