Product Nov. 21, 2014

Hioki Launches LCR Meter IM3536

Extra Broad Frequency Range Raises the Standard for General-Purpose LCR Testing Devices

Nagano, Japan

Hioki is pleased to announce the launch of the LCR Meter IM3536. The instrument, which combines a broad frequency range of 4 Hz to 8 MHz with high-speed, high-precision measurement capability, meets needs in a broad range of fields such as electronic component research, development, and production.

Development Background
Electronic components such as capacitors and inductors are used in a variety of products, ranging from electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets to automobiles. As the products that use them have evolved, these components have been required to exhibit ever-higher levels of performance and reliability, with manufacturers pushing to increase operating frequencies, lower inductance, and lengthen service life. For example, manufacturers have increased the switching frequencies of DC-DC converters as part of an effort to develop smaller portable devices such as smartphones and tablets, leading to the development of increasingly high-frequency inductors for use in those devices’ power supplies. Similarly, manufacturers of capacitors used in power supply lines in computer CPUs and other components are under pressure to offer products with low equivalent series resistance (ESR; the resistance component connected in series with a capacitor) and low equivalent series inductance (ESL; the inductance component connected in series with a capacitor) so that they can accommodate abrupt load fluctuations.

Hioki developed the LCR Meter IM3536 to deliver a high level of precision across a broad range of frequencies so that it can measure the characteristics of electronic components used in a wide range of fields.

Principal Applications
Development and shipping inspections of electronic components

LCR Meter IM3536 Features
1. Expanded measurement range thanks to measurement frequencies from 4 Hz to 8 MHz and a guaranteed accuracy range starting at 1 mΩ
Whereas the legacy model (3532-50) had a measurement frequency band from 42 Hz to 5 MHz, the IM3536 expands this range from 4 Hz to 8 MHz to enable measurement of the characteristics of electronic components used in a multitude of fields. In particular, the LCR meter can accommodate a maximum measurement frequency of 8 MHz when measuring power supply inductors, whose operating frequencies continue to increase.

In addition, whereas the legacy product’s guaranteed accuracy range began at 10 mΩ, the IM3536 guarantees accuracy from 1 mΩ, making it well suited for measuring capacitors and other components that are required to offer lower inductance.

2. Faster, higher-precision measurement than the legacy Hioki model
The IM3536 offers improvements in both measurement times and basic accuracy compared to the legacy 3532-50.

Compared to the 3532-50’s time of 5 ms (0.005 sec.), the IM3536 is a full five times faster at 1 ms (0.001 sec.). When the instrument is used on an electronic component production line, this improvement translates into increased productivity.

In addition, the IM3536 offers basic accuracy of 0.05% (representative value), versus the 3532-50’s 0.08%. This improvement allows the instrument to measure electronic components that are required to offer an increasingly high level of precision.

3. Ability to perform tests with multiple conditions using its continuous measurement function
When evaluating electronic components, it is sometimes necessary to measure a single component using a series of different conditions or parameters. Since the previous product took longer to change measurement conditions and perform measurement, tests requiring use of multiple conditions had to be performed with multiple instruments.

Thanks to faster condition swapping and measurement performance as well as a continuous measurement function, which allows the user to conduct a series of measurements using different parameters, a single IM3536 can do work that in the past required multiple instruments. This capability makes it possible to simplify the hardware configurations of automated testing equipment used on production lines while simultaneously lowering the cost of such installations.

4. Contact check function for improved test quality
When a measurement probe experiences a wiring break during testing or poor contact with the object under test, the issue can impact the reliability of the resulting measured values, for example by increasing measurement error. To prevent this issue, the IM3536 ships standard with a contact check function that notifies the operator of measurement probe wiring breaks and contact issues. This capability leads to improved test quality.



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