Product Dec. 23, 2014

Hioki Launches Memory HiCorder MR8827

Memory Recorder Offers 20x Faster Sampling of 32 Analog Channels and 32 Logic Channels

Nagano, Japan

Hioki is pleased to announce the launch of the Memory HiCorder MR8827. The instrument inherits the multichannel measurement capabilities of the Memory HiCorder 8826, on which it is based, while adding a variety of improvements and enhancements, including a 2000% increase in measurement sampling speed.

Principal Applications
In 1998, Hioki launched the Memory HiCorder 8826 with the ability to measure 32 analog signal channels and 32 logic signal channels, earning it a large customer base. The newly launched MR8827 was developed to improve upon the functionality of the 8826.

The MR8827 is designed to be used in the following applications:

1. Monitoring of systems at power plants and electrical substations
A large number and variety of devices at power plants and electrical substations are combined and controlled as individual systems by means of electrical signaling.

To ensure these systems are operating properly and able to supply power on a stable and consistent basis, they must be monitored periodically or, in some cases, continuously. Since such monitoring involves measuring numerous electrical signals and power lines, the MR8827 is an ideal choice due to its ability to simultaneously measure a large number of electrical signals.

2. Evaluation testing during the development of transportation equipment (evaluating and testing of motors and inverters)
The MR8827 is designed for use in evaluation testing during the development of transportation equipment such as automobiles. One specific application in this field is the evaluation and testing of motors and inverters.

Electric vehicles (EVs) incorporate motors whose rpm varies in proportion to the frequency at which they are operated. Consequently, these motors can be operated efficiently by managing their frequency in an appropriate manner. Inverters are devices that operate motors efficiently by controlling their frequency in just this way.

The MR8827 can be used to evaluate how efficiently an inverter-controlled motor is operating by simultaneously measuring voltage, current, temperature, and frequency.

Key Features of the MR8827 Memory HiCorder
1. Mixed measurement of up to 92 analog and logic channels
The MR8827 can accommodate up to 16 optional input modules (for up to 32 channels), enabling measurement of up to 64 channels when its standard logic inputs are included. Equipped with optional logic input modules, it can simultaneously measure a mix of up to 92 analog and logic channels. This capability makes the MR8827 the ideal Memory HiCorder for customers with multichannel measurement needs.

Electrical isolation of inputs from the instrument and of channels from one another ensures safe measurement.

2. Measurement sampling at 20 megasample/sec., 20x faster than the legacy model
The MR8827 simultaneously samples all channels at up to 20 Msamples per second, equivalent to 20 million data measurements per second. This level of speed represents a 2000% improvement over the legacy model, which operated at a sampling speed of 1 Msamples per second.

3. Expanded measurement frequency range extending from DC to 5 MHz
When used with the Analog Unit 8966, the MR8827 features a measurement frequency range of DC to 5 MHz. This broad range, which improves on the legacy model’s range of DC to 400 kHz (when used with the 4ch Analog Unit 8946), makes the MR8827 ideal for use in applications such as motor and inverter evaluation that require high-frequency measurement.



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