Viewing Memory HiCorder data on a PC

QHow do I view Memory HiCorder data on my PC? (captured by the MR8870, MR8880, MR6000, etc.)


Please download the free HIOKI WaveViewer software from this website by going to Technical Support —> Drivers, Firmware, Software and entering any one of the Memory HiCorder models compatible with the software.  Select “WaveViewer (Wv)” from the list, save on your PC and install the software.  Then, save measured data from your Memory HiCorder or Memory HiLogger in removable media such as a CF card, and load the data into WaveViewer after launching it.  

The Wave Processor 9335 is also compatible with most MEMORY HiCorder data.  By saving data in CSV format, you can also open the data using Excel and other spreadsheet applications.