Evaluation of Input and Output Characteristics of Power Conditioners

One power analyzer can perform completely synchronized measurement of input and output characteristics of power conditioners.


- The 3390 Power Analyzer can simultaneously display up to 32 items, including DC/AC voltage/current, voltage ripple factor, power, amount of power energy, power factor, voltage/current distortion factors, frequency, amount of power energy sold and purchased, voltage imbalance rate, and efficiency.
- Also display voltage/current waveforms.

■Connection example

■How to use

- Select the appropriate current sensor according to the type and level of electrical current.
 - AC/DC Clamp-on current sensor : 9277(20A), 9278(200A), 9279(500A)
 - AC/DC Feed-through current sensor : CT6862(50A), CT6863(200A), 9709(500A), CT6865(1000A)
 - AC Clamp-on current sensor : 9272-10(20/200A)

- Set the integration mode according to the AC and DC.
This setting automatically changes the display of the ripple factor and total harmonic distortion factor.
 - DC mode : Ripple factor (input and internal measurement channel)
 - RMS mode: Total harmonic distortion factor (output measurement channel)

- Configure the settings for efficiency measurement and loss measurement of the power conditioner.
 - Pin : Power on the input measurement channel
 - Pout: Power on the output measurement channel

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