Cannot change the setting of Time Scale Magnification of Wave Viewer (WV)

QThe data saved by the Memory HiCorder MR8880 is displayed using the Wave Viewer (WV) installed on the PC. I want to zoom in on a specific part of the waveform, but the magnification of the time axis cannot be changed. Is there a way to change this?


The time axis magnification cannot be changed arbitrarily by the Wave Viewer (WV).
The time axis multiplier is set depending on the length of data to be recorded in one data capture.

We suggest the following methods:
1. Use the Wave Processor 9335, an optional Hioki software.
Specify the save range of a specific portion of the waveform with the "AB cursor" and save it on the Memory HiCorder. The Wave Viewer can then display the section in the saved range.

Reference FAQ
Difference between Wave Processor 9335 and Wave Viewer (WV): Memory HiCorder

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