Power Analyzer PW8001

V1.50 Dec 22, 2022

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Software (PW8001_V150.zip)
Version update procedure manual (PW8001FirmwareUpdateProcedures.pdf)

The current newest firmware version is V1.50. A version upgrade is highly recommended if you are running older firmware.

Version Upgrade History

V1.50(December 2022)
Added Main Features
・Data output on CAN/CAN FD-Bus (PW8001-03, PW8001-06, PW8001-13 and PW8001-16 only)
・User-defined formula
・Data update interval 1ms
・Modbus/TCP server
・Auto mode on Efficiency-loss calculation
Main Bug Fix
・When the data update interval is set to 10 ms, the measured fundamental power factor λfnd is 1.00000 or -1.00000.

V1.30(September 2022)
Added Features
・The function is added to correct voltage input's phase.
Bug fix
・Despite constant input, the range may not be set when the auto-range function is turned on.
・Other minor bug fixes and small improvements.

V1.22(June 2022)
Bug fix
・When the communication command "*STB?" is sent, there is no response from PW8001 and the processing speed of PW8001 itself slows down.
・Errorneous vertical axis scaling of bar graph of power in harmonic analysis.
・Efficiency and loss are incorrectly displayed as "-------" (overloaded).
・Certain operations result in misrecognition of the rated value of the current sensor connected to the PW8001.
・Other minor bug fixes and small improvements.

V1.21(March 2022)
Added Features
・(Simplified) Chinese is added as display language. 
・The waveform and measured value (WAVE+VALUE) screen is added.
Bug fix
・When the D/A output item is set to Trend, the D/A output value that should be updated at each data update rate is not updated.
・Other minor bug fixes and small improvements.