Power Analyzer PW8001

V2.01 Jan 31, 2024

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Firmware (PW8001V201.zip)
Version update procedure manual (PW8001FirmwareUpdateProcedures.pdf)

The current newest firmware version is V2.01.
A version upgrade is highly recommended if you are running older firmware.

Version Upgrade History

V2.01 (January 2024)
Added Fetures
・IEC Measurement Mode.
・BNC synchronization.
・FFT (Power Spectrum) Analysis Capability, Displaying enlarged views of waveforms (zoom function), Displaying measured values of measured values of waveforms (cursor measurement) and Event trigger.
・Zero suppress capability.
・Optical link (PW8001-04, PW8001-05, PW8001-06, PW8001-14, PW8001-15 and PW8001-16 only).
Bug Fix
・Fixed an incompatibility in which "Assert Error" was displayed due to data being written to an unintended memory area in very rare cases at startup.

V1.63 (December 2023)
Bug fixes
・In the setting of input frequencies (U1 to U8, I1 to I8) used for slip calculation in the motor analysis option, a bug has been fixed in which, depending on the wiring setting of CH 1 to CH 8, the voltage or current frequency of a different channel from the setting may be used for the slip calcdulation.
・In the D/A output setting, CAN output setting, and user-defined function setting, a bug has been fixed in which, when the sum of integrated positive and negative directional wattages, or WP, of a specific channel is set, the WP of a different channel from the setting may be set depending on the wiring setting of CH 1 to CH 8.

V1.61 (July 2023)
Main Enhancement
・Improved AUTO range to operate properly even with LPF turned on for voltage inputs with momentary large fluctuations such as surges.
Main Bug fixes
・Fixed a bug that could prevent operation of the PW8001 main unit after repeated system resets with communication commands.
・Fixed a bug which prevent operation of the PW8001 main unit if integration is repeatedly started, stopped, and reset by key operations or communication commands while the data update rate and data save interval are set to 1 ms and the auto save setting is set to ON.
・Fixed a bug in which Japanese pop-up messages appeared on the remote control screen of the HTTP server function, regardless of the language setting of the PW8001 main unit.

V1.55 (April 2023)
Bug fix
・Voltage (three-phase and single-phase) and power (three-phase and single-phase) are √3 times higher when setting 3P4W wiring delta conversion ON.
・The rectification method setting for current is always the same as the rectification method setting for voltage, and the measured value may not be correct.
・When averaging is set to ON and the signal input to CH A, C, E or G of the motor analysis option exceeds the range value, the averaging process is reset and the measured value may not be correct.
・Depending on the setting, loss and efficiency may always be error values.
・Zero-cross HPF on current input is not enabled.
・Other minor bug fixes.

V1.53 (March 2023)
Bug fix
・When the torque in the motor analysis option is set to frequency input, the torque is not corrected and does not become zero even after performing the zero adjustment. In addition, after performing the zero adjustment, if torque is measured while in this state, the measured value could deviate significantly. 
・In waveform D/A output, data of a channel different from the setting may be output depending on the selection of the wiring mode. 
・Other minor bug fixes and small improvements. 
Added Features
・1ms interval output is added in CAN FD (500k-2Mbps, 1M-2Mbps). 
・Attribute is added in the CAN DBC file. 
・Wiring mode information is added in binary format files. 

V1.50(December 2022)
Added Main Features
・Data output on CAN/CAN FD-Bus (PW8001-03, PW8001-06, PW8001-13 and PW8001-16 only)
・User-defined formula
・Data update interval 1ms
・Modbus/TCP server
・Auto mode on Efficiency-loss calculation
Main Bug Fix
・When the data update interval is set to 10 ms, the measured fundamental power factor λfnd is 1.00000 or -1.00000.

V1.30(September 2022)
Added Features
・The function is added to correct voltage input's phase.
Bug fix
・Despite constant input, the range may not be set when the auto-range function is turned on.
・Other minor bug fixes and small improvements.

V1.22(June 2022)
Bug fix
・When the communication command "*STB?" is sent, there is no response from PW8001 and the processing speed of PW8001 itself slows down.
・Errorneous vertical axis scaling of bar graph of power in harmonic analysis.
・Efficiency and loss are incorrectly displayed as "-------" (overloaded).
・Certain operations result in misrecognition of the rated value of the current sensor connected to the PW8001.
・Other minor bug fixes and small improvements.

V1.21(March 2022)
Added Features
・(Simplified) Chinese is added as display language. 
・The waveform and measured value (WAVE+VALUE) screen is added.
Bug fix
・When the D/A output item is set to Trend, the D/A output value that should be updated at each data update rate is not updated.
・Other minor bug fixes and small improvements.