About Hioki


(as of Oct. 1, 2019)

Board of Directors

  • Director Kazutoshi Hosoya
    President & CEO
    Kazutoshi Hosoya
  • Director Takahiro Okazawa
    Takahiro Okazawa
  • Director Yoshikazu Suyama
    Yoshikazu Suyama
  • Director Atsushi Mizuno
    Atsushi Mizuno
  • Director Kunihisa Kubota
    Kunihisa Kubota
  • Outside Director Sakuzo Nakatani
    Outside Director
    Sakuzo Nakatani
  • Outside Director Shigeru Tanaka
    Outside Director
    Shigeru Tanaka


Corporate Auditor Shigehiro Takeuchi
Corporate Auditor Masayuki Takaki
Outside Corporate Auditor Naoki Ogawa
Outside Corporate Auditor Akira Yuba

Executive Management Board

President & CEO Kazutoshi Hosoya
Senior Managing Executive Officer Takahiro Okazawa Sales and Service
Managing Executive Officer Yoshikazu Suyama Manufacturing and Administration
Executive Officer Kunihisa Kubota Director of Innovation Center
Executive Officer Tsutomu Yamaguchi Director of Manufacturing
Executive Officer Katsuhiro Takeuchi Director of Quality Assurance
Executive Officer Yasunao Takano Director of PM, International Sales Director