About Hioki

Sales and Service Network

A global network

HIOKI has been working to build a sales network supporting world markets in order to globalize its businesses.

Following up on the establishment of HIOKI USA Corporation in the United States in 1998, we have continued to expand to local markets by establishing sales companies in China, Singapore, and South Korea, as well as a service company in India. In addition, HIOKI operates representative offices in Taiwan and Dubai to provide a more immediate level of support for its distributors’ sales activities. We also have the support of distributors in more than 30 countries, reflecting our effort to build sales structures for our products in every region of the world.
Today, the pace of technological change continues to accelerate, and our electrical measuring instruments must accommodate that pace. In overseas markets as in their domestic counterparts, assessing market needs in real time and providing feedback to the new product development process are essential in order to globalize our products. Overseas sales companies, representative offices, and distributors play a vital role not only in sales, but also by serving as a bridge to the Head Office and plant in Japan in the development process.

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The service system

Providing exciting services from a customer- centric perspective

Providing after-sales service from the customer's perspective
Our Order Fulfillment Center is responsible for processing all orders, not only from within Japan, but also from overseas sales subsidiaries and distributors. By bringing together order processing personnel with repair and calibration customer service personnel on our production floor, we have been able to shrink the distance between customers and our manufacturing teams so that we can provide faster service. We’re working to improve the quality of our business processes on a daily basis in an effort to maximize the advantages of this approach so that we can offer exciting service that satisfies customers while inspiring peace of mind, from quotation and delivery date inquiries to after-sales service.
Overseas, we will accelerate customer-oriented initiatives by developing local repair and calibration capabilities so that we can offer total service solutions in every country in which customers use our products.