Product Apr. 21, 2020

Hioki Launches Process Analyzer Pro

news_detail_501_001Process Analyzer Pro

Hioki is pleased to announce immediately availability of Process Analyzer Pro (Data Analysis Software UA1801).

Process Analyzer Pro is a software package that loads multiple sets of test results from flying-probe testers used to inspect unpopulated boards*1, performs statistical analysis, visualizes the underlying data, and employs artificial intelligence (AI) to detect anomalies.

Statistical data can be provided as feedback to design and production processes to improve quality, for example by identifying and addressing the root causes of defects. The software can also detect latent defects that would go undiscovered by conventional test methods.


In unpopulated board testing, boards are classified as either defective or non-defective by electrically measuring their wiring patterns. Demand for more compact electronic devices has been pushing unpopulated boards toward finer-pitch, higher-density, multilayer designs in recent years, resulting in an up-trend in latent defects that cannot be identified by means of conventional testing alone. Manufacturers are to identify non-defective boards with a higher degree of precision by investing time, equipment, and other testing resources so that they can test more parameters. However, merely increasing the rigor of testing does not provide a means of addressing the root causes of defects.

To help identify the root causes of such defects so that processes can be improved, Hioki has been shipping Process Analyzer, a free software package that can easily visualize a range of statistical data from accumulated test results, as a standard accessory with its most recent testing systems*2.  The newly available Process Analyzer Pro adds functionality for visualizing data using color distribution maps and detecting anomalies with AI, making it possible to identify board defects at a glance.


1. Visualize resistance values: Gain an intuitive understanding with color distribution map

Process Analyzer Pro indicates the extent (as a percentage) to which measured resistance values diverge from reference values by superimposing a color distribution map on the board’s data. This approach provides an intuitive understanding of the magnitude of resistance values and lets users ascertain at a glance what types of phenomena are occurring, and where.

he software can also display data for multiple boards at the same time, allowing users to check for differences between boards and variations across test dates and times.  Furthermore, Process Analyzer Pro can display the wiring patterns for boards when used with Hioki’s FEB-Line Inspection Data Creation System UA1871, an optional editing application. Highlighting of defect locations on the screen helps users review defective points more accurately and identify root causes more quickly.

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2. Detection of significant points using AI: Learn test results and calculate statistics

Boards with certain latent defects such as through-hole cracks*3 are often classified as non-defective by conventional test methods, leaving those defects to manifest themselves as issues after shipment. Process Analyzer Pro uses AI to learn the distribution of resistance values across the entire board based on test result data and identify outliers (anomalies) that could indicate latent defects. This functionality can detect minuscule anomalies caused by latent defects that would go undetected by conventional test methods because they are obscured by variability.

Furthermore, root causes can be quickly identified by using wiring pattern data created using UA1781, the optional software described above, since defect locations can be displayed on top of the wiring pattern.

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    Using AI to Detect Anomalies

3. Easily create statistical data: Improve processes by visualizing test results data

Process Analyzer Pro makes it easy to create statistical data by allowing users to load accumulated test results data. Users can analyze defects by visualizing test step results with tools such as changes in values, histograms, and distribution maps. Statistical data can be provided as feedback to design and production processes to improve quality, for example by identifying and addressing the root causes of defects.

4. Detect anomalous points on time: Process Analyzer Client (Option)*4

Process Analyzer Client (Data Analysis Software E4781, which Hioki plans to launch in Summer 2020), an option for Hioki’s latest testing systems*2, embeds AI in the testing system itself to detect anomalous points on time. Identifying defective boards during the testing process eliminates the possibility that boards with latent defects will be shipped while facilitating quality improvement measures since test result feedback can be provided even more quickly to design and production processes.

■ Supported models

Hioki unpopulated board flying-probe testers

Process Analyzer Pro

FA1817, FA1816, FA1811, FA1282-01, FA1282-11, FA1283-01, FA1283-11, 1281, 1281-11, 1281-12,
1281-50, FA1116-03, 1116, 1116-01, 1116-02, 1116-12, 1116-21, 1116-22, 1116-23, 1116-24, 1116-32,
1116-41, 1116-42, 1116-43, 1116-44, 1116-45, 1116-51, 1116-52, 1116-53, 1116-54, 1116-62, 1116-71,
1116-72, 1116-73, 1116-74, 1116-75, 1270, 1271

Process Analyzer Client

FA1817, FA1816, FA1811

  • *Please contact Hioki for information about other supported models.

■ Key Customers

Manufacturers of printed wire boards


Process Analyzer Pro

  • Data Analysis Software UA1801-01 (One-year license)
  • Data Analysis Software UA1801-02 (Unlimited license)

Process Analyzer Client
(Option*4, scheduled to launch in Summer 2020)

  • Data Analysis Software E4781-01 (One-year license, optional expanded functionality for UA1801)
  • Data Analysis Software E4781-02 (Unlimited license, optional expanded functionality for UA1801)

■ Free Basic Version

Process Analyzer, a free version of this product that includes all functionality except certain paid functions, can be downloaded from the special landing page listed below. Experience how data graphing and visualization can streamline analysis.


Users can also try all the functionality of Process Analyzer Pro with a trial version license.  Please contact Hioki for further details.

  • *1A printed wire board (PWB) onto which no electronic components have been mounted.
  • *2Flying Probe Tester FA1817 (launched in December 2018), Flying Probe Tester FA1816 (launched in May 2019)
  • *3A rare form of cracking that affects the holes in boards that provide electrical connections.
  • *4Requires purchase of Process Analyzer Pro.


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