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High Precision and
High Speed Automatic Test Tool
Detects Even Latent Defects in High Density Boards

Technical Resources

・Complete Catalog (PDF)
・Technical Papers
-Insulation Testing to Detect Latent Defects
-Basics of PCB Testing


PROCESS ANALYZER - FREE Data Analysis Software

Improve production processes by learning from historical inspection data. Statistically analyze and visualize potential issues.

Flying Probe Tester FA1817

Resolve Your Electrical Testing and Automatic Inspection Process Issues

Hioki Meets Your Needs to Conduct Accurate and Timely Inspections

Never Miss Out On Latent Defects Again

Flying Probe TesterFA1817

A rich array of measurement modes and high-speed, high precision, expansive inspection methods let you conduct automatic electrical inspections at a level never experienced before.

  • Optimized probe movement reduces inspection time by up to 20%
  • Reduce probe marks with latest probe and test tool pairing
  • Expansive array of built-in inspection methods for low resistance to high insulation testing
  • 3 powerful measurement modes meet diverse testing needs
Flying Probe Tester FA1817

High Speed
Damage Free

See the FA1817 In Action
Click to view video

  • Expansive testing methods
    definitively detect latent defects

  • Rich array of measurement modes

  • Newly designed CP test probes
    minimize probe marks

・FA1817 Complete Product (PDF)
・Technical Paper: Insulation Testing to Detect Latent Defects and Basics of PCB Testing
・PROCESS ANALYZER - FREE Data Analysis Software

New Process AnalyzerImprove Production Processes
by Learning from Historical Inspection Data

Deep Data AnalysisProcess Analyzer

New intelligent software assists in improving product processes through defect analysis

High precision filtering based on inspection results alone does not resolve root issues. The ability to visualize latent defects in order to improve upstream production processes has become increasingly important.

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Advantages of Using the Hioki Process Analyzer to Improve Production

The Process Analyzer delivers statistical analysis and true visibility of test results. Use statistical data to feed back into design and production processes in order to determine and ultimately eliminate the root cause of defects.

  • Accumulate Data

  • Download Test Results
    Present as Graph

  • Analyze Graph for Points of Improvement

Rich Array of Presentation Formats and Sorting Functions

Select from line graphs, bar graphs, histograms, distribution maps and many other graphing formats based on your objective.
Take advantage of a wide assortment of convenient functions, including marking directly on images, list sort and data filtering.

Sort by Statistical Parameter

Sort by average, standard deviation, variable coefficient, process capability index, maximum, minimum, etc.

Process Analyzer

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