Difference between Earth Tester models FT6031-50 and FT6031-03

QI'm planning to buy an earth tester. I would like to know the difference between the Earth Tester FT6031-50 and the discontinued model FT6031-03.


The FT6031-50 Earth Tester (released in July 2020) can now be equipped with the Wireless Adapter Z3210 (sold separately) to enable data transfer via the dedicated free application "GENNECT Cross".
Measurements can be transferred to a smartphone or tablet and reports with measurement site photographs and graphs can be created quickly.
In addition, the FT6031-50 has the following function improvements compared to the FT6031-03.

- Shortened measuring time (Improved from 8 seconds to 6 seconds with three-pole methods)
-  Expansion of allowable earth potential (Improved from 10 V to 25 V)
-  Continuous measurement function (This function is convenient when you wish to insert an auxiliary earthing rod into the ground while checking measured values.)

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