High-precision measurement of instantaneous voltage waveforms

Key Features

  • High 16-bit A/D resolution
  • Isolated 2 channel input
  • Max. rated voltage to ground: 300 V AC, DC (CAT II)

Model No. (Order Code)

8968 For MR6000, MR8847A, MR8827, and similar products
Note: This module must be used with the Memory HiCorder. Input probes are not included. Please purchase them separately.

List of Available Memory HiCorders

Please refer to the table here for the types of input units that can be used for each Memory HiCorder.

List of Available Memory HiCorders

Basic specifications

Accuracy guaranteed: 1 year
Measurement functions Number of channels: 2, for voltage measurement
Input connectors Isolated BNC connector (input impedance 1 MΩ, input capacitance 30 pF),
Max. rated voltage to earth: 300 V AC, DC (with input isolated from the unit, the maximum voltage that can be applied between input channel and chassis and between input channels without damage)
Measurement range 5 mV to 20 V/div, 12 ranges, full scale: 20 div, AC voltage for possible measurement/display using the memory function: 280 V rms, Low-pass filter: 5/50/500 Hz, 5 k/50 kHz
Anti-aliasing filter Integrated filter for suppressing aliasing distortion caused by FFT processing (automatic cutoff frequency setting/OFF)
Measurement resolution 1/1600 of measurement range (using 16-bit A/D conversion and when installed in the 8847)
Highest sampling rate 1 MS/s (simultaneous sampling across 2 channels)
Measurement accuracy ±0.3 % of full scale (with filter 5 Hz, zero position accuracy included)
Frequency characteristics DC to 100 kHz -3 dB, with AC coupling: 7 Hz to 5 MHz -3dB
Input coupling AC/DC/GND
Max. allowable input 400 V DC (the maximum voltage that can be applied across input pins without damage)
Dimensions and mass 106 mm (4.17 in) W × 19.8 mm (0.78 in) H × 196.5 mm (7.74 in) D, 250 g (8.8 oz)
Included accessories None

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