Networking Software Lets You Remotely Control Memory Recorders via a LAN Connection

Hioki software for data acquisition recorders such as Memory HiCorders offers advanced data management and processing capabilities. The 9333 LAN Communicator enables users of Model MR8741s, MR8847-01s, 8826 Memory HiCorder to control the data acquisition device remotely via a local area network (LAN).

Key Features

  • Collect waveform data
  • Remotely control Memory HiCorders with a PC
  • Save data in CSV format and export to spreadsheet applications

Model No. (Order Code)


Basic specifications

Supported units - Model MR8847-51/-52/-53, MR8827 (Ver.1.00 or later)
- Model MR8740 (Ver.3.12 or later), MR8741 (Ver.2.12 or later), MR8847-01/-02/-03, 8847 (Ver.3.07 or later), 8826 (Ver.2.30 or later)
- Model 8841/8842 (Ver.2.30 or later), 8855, 8730-01, 8731-01, 8720 (Ver.2.00 or later), 8835-01 (*1) (Ver.1.10 or later, the 8835-01 High performance model: ver.5.10 or later)

*1 Not compatible for the 8835
Operating environment Computer running under Windows 10/8/7 (32/64-bit), Vista (32-bit), XP
Note: 9333 Ver.1.09 or later
Functions - Display functions:
Remote control applications: Remote control of Memory HiCorder (by sending key codes and receiving images on screen), print reports, print images from the screen, receive waveform data in same format as waveform files from the HiCorder (binary only),
- Waveform data acquisition applications: Accept auto-saves from the Memory HiCorder, same format as auto-save files of Memory HiCorder (binary only), print automatically with a Memory HiCorder from a PC. The Memory HiCorder’s print key launches printouts on the PC
- Waveform viewer: Simple display of waveform files, convert to CSV format

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