Flash Microcomputer Programming

One machine can do all of board testing, flash microcomputer programming and confirmation.

Hioki is able to offer the most appropriate flash microcomputer programming environment by using Hioki's in-circuit testers with the well used Flash Onboard Programmer of DTSINSIGHT Corporation (NETIMPRESS series).
・ Fast programming, 10Mbps fastest(NETIMPRESS next) / 5Mbps fastest(G-NETIMPRESS) 
・ Supply the licences for variety of programming definition files. Licences can be added by users. 
・ Large capacity data storage by using the compact flash. All programming conditions are stored in the YIM folder. 
・ Remote control function from a PC (AZ490). Supplying a PC driver for production line(AZ491). 
・ High speed file download via 100BASE-TX 
・ Read and edit function for the programming environment by pane key operation. One tough flash programming execution. 
・ Able to control 8 units max. simultaneously from a PC(G-NETIMPRESS). 
・ Supported venders  
Cypress, Renesas Electronics, Panasonic, LAPIS Semiconductor, NXP, TOSHIBA, TI, ST Micro Electronics, Infineon

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