High-resolution and Multi-force Component Recording

Output data of a multi-force component sensor used for the fluid dynamics sensor for wind tunnel and water tank tests can be recorded at a high 16-bit resolution.

A multi-force component sensor refers to a sensor to detect the three-axis forces and each moment. Combined use with the MR8875 Memory HiCorder enables recording the output of the multi-force component sensor simultaneously. The MR8875 Memory HiCorder can perform measurement on up to 16 channels in combination with an optional amplifier.
The MR8875 Memory HiCorder is an easy-to-use measuring instrument with a large touch screen.
Since the main body alone cannot perform measurement, an analog unit and connection cable are required separately. The output cable of the calibrator and the input terminal connector of the MR8875 may not be compatible. In that case, the L9198 Connection Cord must be used to connect the cables. The MR8901 Unit has insulated BNC connectors.
※ HIOKI does not provide multi-force component sensors.
For details, inquire with a manufacturer that provides multi-force component sensors.

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