Measuring current using the DT4281 and 9010-50 (clamp)

QI would like to measure current using the DT4281 with the 9010-50 Clamp On Probe. How should I set the DT4281?


  1. Connect the 9010-50 to the DT4281 by using the Conversion Adapter 9704  (BNC-banana).
  2. Set the current range of the 9010-50 (e.g., 100A)
  3. Set the rotary knob of the DT4281 to "CLAMP" and press the SHIFT key 3 times.
    The display changes in order of "DCV → dBm → dBV → CLAMP".
  4. Press the RANGE key of the DT4281 to match the range to the 9010-50's range.