Management of Measurement Data for UPS Sites to Facilitate the Digital Transformation

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Technicians at UPS sites carry out a variety of inspections. It’s common for various instruments to be used depending on what's being inspected. For example, this process might include diagnosing battery degradation, measuring power load, or measuring UPS output current and voltage. The timing of measurements also varies. For instance, measurements might be made at UPS installation, every six months, or when a new load is added to an existing system.These practices can result in an enormous volume of data and reports, making management difficult.




Before adopting GENNECT One, clamp meter data was recorded by hand and then transferred to a computer. Battery testers and power quality analyzers were used multiple times, and instrument data and reports were saved in different folders. Extracting past data during regular inspections and looking for reports were also time-consuming processes.


GENNECT One can store data and reports from Hioki’s GENNECT series. Consequently, measurement data from a variety of Hioki instruments can be efficiently managed all at once. UPS output current and voltage data from clamp meters saved using GENNECT Cross as well as power measurement and battery degradation diagnostic data obtained via GENNECT One can be managed using a single interface.

Measured data

1. Make a folder in Data list according to the measurement site.
2. Organize data and reports.
3. Use Search and Filter function to filter the data. Ex:Initial
4. Add Title and Comment to add extra information for the data
5. Use Tag function to add special tag such as the measurement period. Ex: Q1(Quater1), Initial
6. Shows you the information regarding HIOKI’s device
7. Click the Check button to select data. You can output/Export the selected data for data sharing etc.

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