Is zero adjustment necessary?: Resistance Meter RM3544

QWhen using the Resistance Meter RM3544, do I need to execute zero adjustment prior to measurement.


When performing four-terminal measurement using the Clip Type Lead L2101 provided with the Resistance Meter RM3544 or the optional measurement leads, you do not need to always perform zero adjustment to be within the measurement accuracy range.
However, perform zero adjustment when there is a change in ambient temperature or when you change a measuring cable.

Please also perform zero adjustment in the following cases:
- If you are concerned about the remaining display due to thermoelectromotive force (thermal EMF) or other factors.
-->The display will be adjusted to zero. (Accuracy specification is the same whether or not the zero adjustment is performed.)
- When four-terminal connection (called Kelvin connection) is difficult.
--> Cancel the residual resistance of the two-terminal connection wire.

Resistance Meter RM3544