Overvoltage categories for Clamp on Probes and Current Sensors

QWhat is the overvoltage category of the Clamp on Probes and Current Sensors? I cannot find specifications like "CAT III 600V" in the specifications.


Clamp sensors such as the CT684x, CT67xx and 327x series are not subject to the requirements specified by the IEC61010-2-032 for defining over voltage category, because they are recognized as Type D sensors which are designed to be applied around or removed from insulated conductors or from limited-energy circuit conductors. 

When opening the jaw of the clamp sensor, the magnetic circuit is exposed, and if this comes into contact with other live bare conductors, a high current flows to the circuit which may cause injury and/or fire.  To that end, please make sure you use these sensors with only  insulated conductors.