V1.44 Jun 01, 2021

If you are unable to download software, please check the following:
  • Please register a my HIOKI account and then use it to log in to the my HIOKI service.
  • Product firmware (product upgrades) and computer application software can only be downloaded for products you have registered on the my HIOKI service.
LR8410 Firmware (LR8410V144.zip)
How to update the firmware (LR8410-20 Vup Procedures.pdf)
LR8510,LR8511 Firmware (LR8510V108.zip)
How to update the firmware (LR8510,LR8511 Vup Procedures.pdf)

・If you are using Logger Utility please upgrade to its latest version.

・All software provided here is the best version currently available.
・If the problems or errors during this download and install lead to malfunction, please contact your dealer or Hioki representative.
・The ownership, intellectual right and all other associated rights relating to the software provided here belong to Hioki E.E. Corporation.

If you have read and understand the information above and wish to proceed then please download the designated files.
As for version upgrade procedure, please download ”Procedure on how to update the firmware” which describes the preparation and procedure for upgrading firmware after downloading the files.

・Version upgrade should be conducted by a qualified technician familiar with the functions and operations of model LR8410, LR8410-20 and LR8410-30.
・If you are uncertain as to how to proceed, please contact your local Hioki distributor for assistance.
・To conduct the version update, a USB Memory Stick or Hioki-issued SD Card is required.
・During the version upgrade process, Don’t turn off the power to theLR8410, LR8410-20 and LR8410-30 or don’t remove the SD card or USB memory stick from the slot. Turning power off will result in failure to upgrade theLR8410, LR8410-20 and LR8410-30 and the instrument must be returned to the Hioki factory for repair.

Firmware for the Model LR8410,LR8410-20 and LR8410-30

The current newest firmware versions are shown below. A version update is highly recommended if you are running older firmware.

・Firmware Version : V1.44
Model LR8410, LR8410-20, and LR8410-30 with the earlier version firmware (V1.01 to V1.43) installed cannot load the settings files saved by using the instrument with the latest version firmware (V1.44) installed. If you have more than one instrument, please upgrade the firmware in all of your instruments to V1.43. The instruments with the latest firmware (V1.44) installed can load the setting files saved by using the instruments with the earlier firmware (V1.01 to V1.43) installed.
The version upgrade has no effect on the input units.

・LR8510, LR8511 Firmware Version : V1.08
Upgrade of model LR8510, LR8511 requires LR8410, LR8410-20, LR8410-30 or LR8416(V1.30 or later) .
The version upgrade has no effect on measurement value.

Before you proceed

・Check the version number by accessing the SYSTEM tab on your WIRELESS LOGGING STATION. The version number is located on the top left corner of the screen.

・If the version number on your Model LR8410,LR8410-20 and LR8410-30 is Ver 1.44, there is no need to upgrade your instrument. A version update is highly recommended for all LR8410,LR8410-20 and LR8410-30’s operating with firmware that is earlier than the newest version.

Check LR8510, LR8511 Version

・Check the version number of LR8510, LR8511. The version number is displayed by accessing SYSTEM tab, moving the cursor to Unit Information and pressing ENTER key.

Version Upgrade History

LR8410, LR8410-20, LR8410-30  V1.44  (June 2021)  Newest Version
Resolved bugs
1.Fixed the :UNIT:STORE communication command and waveform screen measurement ON / OFF function of LR8513 registered in odd numbers.
2.Minor bugs were fixed.

LR8410, LR8410-20, LR8410-30 V1.43 (February 2019)
Fixed bugs
1. Fixed a problem that prevented the LR8410 from starting measurement using the Logger Utility while in the monitor screen.
1. The connectivity of Bluetooth communication was improved.
2.The maximum number on a file list in the FTP server function has increased from 1000 to 1500.
LR8510, LR8511 V1.08
1. Improved Bluetooth communication connectivity.

LR8410, LR8410-20, LR8410-30  V1.41 (January 2018)
Fixed bugs
1. Burn-out detection of the unit was found to be unavailable when measurement of the smallest channel set to thermocouple mode is  turned off.  This has  been fixed.
2. Thermocouple measurement data of the unit with burn-out detection turned ON via the GETREAL command excluding monitor and measurement could not be correctly captured.  This has been fixed.
3. Except when in MONITOR or MEASURE mode, thermocouple measurement data of the unit with burn-out detection turned ON via the GETREAL command could not be correctly captured.  This has been fixed.
4. In and only in an environment where a significant number of ARP broadcast packets (at least 50 packets per second) are sent from a device within the LAN network, there was a small possibility that LAN communication was not available. This has been fixed.

LR8410, LR8410-20, LR8410-30  V1.41 (January 2017)
Fixed bugs
1. Fixed the problem that data after measurement OFF channel will be wrong if measurement ON channel exists behind measurement OFF channel in the unit where LR 8410 Link compliant equipment is registered.

LR8410, LR8410-20, LR8410-30  V1.40 (November 2016)
Fixed bugs
1. When a "WAVE/DATA" key is frequently pressed at a specific compression rate and the waveform location. The problem that waveform isn't renewed any more was corrected.
2. Device search function has been fixed.
3. When about 5 indication screens of HTTP were opened. and accessing by a FTP server from a PC, it was socket error and it was corrected that FTP operation can't be done.
4. Setting of upper and lower limits in the list screen has been fixed.
1. The EHLO command processing which is at the time of a mail transmission was improved. (The added information is changed to an IP address from a sender name.)
2. Numerical calculate's NO DATA value was corrected.
3. Transmission processing to "MS - EXCEL" by the HTTP function was improved.
4. Remote control operation processing of the HTTP function was improved. (Of java, be also possible after [version 6 Update 39].)
5. Logo indication of HIOKI was chenged.
Added functions
1. LR8410 Link function added.
2. Delay setting in alarm was added.
3. New clamps was added.
"CT7631, CT7636, CT7642, CT7731, CT7736, CT7742, CT9667, CT7044, CT7045, CT7046"

LR8510, LR8511 V1.07 (February 2015)
Fixed bugs
1. The following problem was corrected. 
"NO DATA" is logged when received command to adjust measurement time at specific timing.

LR8510, LR8511 V1.06 (December 2015)
Fixed bugs:
1. The problem that periodic random noise occurs was corrected.

LR8410, LR8410-20, LR8410-30 V1.32 (August 2015)
Added functions:
1. Corresponded to the maximum value measurement of LR8513.

LR8410, LR8410-20, LR8410-30 V1.31 (April 2015)
Fixed bugs:
1. Batch copying channel settings has been fixed.
2. A search dialog box has been fixed.
3. Display scaled value has been fixed.
4. Icon battery pack operation has been fixed.
5. Communication command of RSSI acquisition has been fixed.

LR8410, LR8410-20, LR8410-30 V1.30 (February 2015)
Added functions:
1. LR8514 and LR8515 function was added
2. LR8510 and LR8511 version up function was added.

LR8510, LR8511 V1.04 (February 2015)
Added functions:
1. Burn Out function was Improvement.
LR8510, LR8511 Fixed bugs:
2. The problem that filter facility doesn’t become on at the following 2 conditions was corrected.
(1) Interval 2s. Digital filter 60Hz. Burn Out on.
(2) Interval 5s. Digital filter 50Hz. Burn Out on.

V1.20 (October 2014)
Added functions:
1. LR8512 and LR8513 function was added.
2. Communicative system to unit has been improved in CH display.
3. Description function of communication interception was added to UNIT screen.
4. Electric power conversion function was added to waveform calculation.
5. E-mail authentic method of SMTP was added.
Fixed bugs:
1. Operation may stop in rare cases when communication is interrupted during measurement.
2. Displayed trigger start time was different from LR8410 and logger utility when measurement was started from logger utility and there is trigger setting.
3. Key operation is ineffective when measured starting from the unit additional screens.

V1.11 (March 2014)
Fixed bugs:
1. If the settings lists saved in the internal memory of the instrument were saved as BDL file and then tried to be loaded, a part of the settings were not able to be loaded.
2. There was a very slight possibility that repeating measurements with the pre-trigger setting enabled could become unstoppable.
3. The numbers of the headers in the settings files differed from the numbers of all the headers.

V1.03 (September 2013)
Added functions
1.Chinese-language edition was added.
Repaired bugs
1.The bug which cannot be connected with the unit until the power is turned on LR8410 again when communication with the unit was interrupted during measurement was corrected.
2.When set to 1 hour or more ordinary, the split time separator operation of Numerical Calc, then fixed a bug that is not separated by the specified length.
3.The bug a program will not start when the power is turned off during power activation was corrected.