Recording and Monitoring of Conveyor Speeds

Record and monitor conveyor speeds after the installation of new or additional conveyors and maintenance.

Accurate and reliable measurement of conveyor belt speed is critical for many production and manufacturing facilities for ensuring continuous transport of production materials, work in progress or finished goods.   Large conveyor belts are particularly effective and often required for moving heavy bulk materials such as iron ore, coal, fertilizer, or grain because of their high efficiency and ease of use.  In mass production, many manufacturers use multiple conveyor belts, with some belts traveling at higher speeds and some slower depending on the nature of the production at that particular step.

Reasons for Speed Changes

When the speed of a conveyor belt differs from the required speed, production yield changes and production steps can be misaligned, so maintaining proper speed and taking periodic measurements to prevent interruptions or failures are essential for maintaining production throughput.  Oftentimes, the cause of problems can simply be dirt-buildup in the rollers or pulleys.  At other times, speed can be affected by the wear and tear on the belts themselves.  


·       There is no need for any troublesome wiring work - simply connect a MEMORY HiCORDER and roller encoder to measure conveyor speed.

·       Since the wiring is simple, line maintenance is easy.

How to Measure

• Connect the roller encoder and MEMORY HiCORDER (using FREQ UNIT 8970 as option) with CONNECTION CORD L9198.
• Bring the roller encoder into contact with the conveyor and then monitor the conveyor speed.
• Calculate the conveyor speed from the circumferential length of the roller encoder and the measurement frequency.
• A roller encoder is to be supplied by the user.

The Hioki MR6000 or MR8847A Memory HiCorders and 8970 Freq Unit provide an easy solution for measuring conveyor belt speed on site by delivering multi-channel, high resolution at the job site.  Download the easy-to-follow instructions on how to set up the instruments here. 

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