Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) Evaluation Test of Lithium-ion Capacitors

Measure the ESR* of lithium-ion capacitors quickly and effectively

*ESR : Equivalent Series Resistance




-The BATTERY HiTESTER BT3562A, which has a maximum resolution of 0.1μΩ and measurement range of 3.1 kΩ, can measure ESR values of lithium-ion capacitors, which can vary significantly depending on the capacity and shape, in a wide range.

-It can also measure the voltage between the terminals of a lithium-ion capacitor simultaneously.




-Charge (or discharge) the lithium-ion capacitor (electric double-layer capacitor).

-Make sure that the measurement conditions are the same, because the state of the lithiumion capacitor changes as a result of the charge and discharge.

-Measure up to 60V between terminals, and modules with up to 15 series-connected cells (4V).

-Save the measurement results to a PC via communication (free PC sample software is available).

-RS-232C and LAN cables, and digital I/Os are available, enabling use on automated lines.

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