MEMORY HiLOGGER LR8400-20 series

V1.29 Nov 02, 2017

If you are unable to download software, please check the following:
  • Please register a my HIOKI account and then use it to log in to the my HIOKI service.
  • Product firmware (product upgrades) and computer application software can only be downloaded for products you have registered on the my HIOKI service.
Firmware (
Procedure on how to update the firmware (LR8400-20 Vup Procedures.pdf)

・Since it is a version only for LR8400-20, LR8401-20, LR8402-20, please do not install in standard. LR8400-23 (For LR8400-92, LR8400-93 PV Power Verifier Set)
・If you are uncertain as to how to proceed, please contact your local Hioki distributor for assistance.

・All software provided here is the best version currently available.
・If the problems or errors during this download and install lead to malfunction, please contact your dealer or Hioki representative.
・The ownership, intellectual right and all other associated rights relating to the firmware provided here belong to Hioki E. E. Corporation.

If you have read and understand the information above and wish to proceed then please download the designated files.
As for version upgrade procedure, please download ”Procedure on how to update the firmware” which describes the preparation and procedure for upgrading firmware after downloading the files.

Precaution when updating firmware:
・During the version upgrade process, don’t turn off the power to the LR8400-20, LR8401-20, LR8402-20 or don’t remove the PC card or USB memory stick from the slot.
・Turning power off will result in failure to upgrade the LR8400-20, LR8401-20, LR8402-20, and the instrument must be returned to the Hioki factory for repair.

Firmware for the Model LR8400-20,LR8401-20,LR8402-20

The current newest firmware versions are shown below. A version update is highly recommended if you are running older firmware.
 ・Firmware Version : V1.29

Before you proceed

・Check the version number by accessing the SYSTEM tab on your HiLOGGER. The version number is located on the top left corner of the screen.
・If the version number on your model LR8400-20,LR8401-20,LR8402-20 is Ver 1.27, there is no need to upgrade your instrument. A version update is highly recommended for all LR8400-20,LR8401-20,LR8402-20′s operating with firmware that is earlier than the newest version.

Version upgrade history

V1.29 (Nov 2017) Newest Version
Repaired bugs
1. In and only in an environment where a significant number of ARP broadcast packets (at least 50 packets per second) are sent from a device within the LAN network, there was a small possibility that LAN communication was not available. This has been fixed.
2. When Alarm1 of Waveform Calculation Channel W5 is in the Window setting, and the instrument’s power is cycled, the Window setting changed to Level setting. This has been fixed.
1. When changing the Max and Min Settings of Waveform Calculation Channel W1, upon setting up CH1-1 to Max and Min, the proper range was also changed. However, this process has been determined to be redundant and therefore eliminated.(Also applies to W2 to W30)

V1.28 (Sep 2016)
Repaired bugs
1. When a "WAVE/DATA" key is frequently pressed at a specific compression rate and the waveform location. The problem that waveform isn't renewed any more was corrected.
2. FTP auto send couldn't rarely be done any more, so access processing of a variable for file sending was corrected.
3.When about 5 indication screens of HTTP were opened. and accessing by a FTP server from a PC, it was socket error and it was corrected that FTP operation can't be done.
4. When the pulse/number of rotations is besides 1. and using a scaling. Text save was corrected.
1. The EHLO command processing which is at the time of a mail transmission was improved. (The added information is changed to an IP address from a sender name.)
2. Transmission processing to "MS - EXCEL" by the HTTP function was improved. (It's changed so that even IE after Windows 7 in EXCEL.)
3. The maximum number on a file list by the FTP server function was improved in 1500 from 1000.
4. Remote control operation processing of the HTTP function was improved. (Of java, be also possible after [version 6 Update 39].)
5. Logo indication of HIOKI was corrected.
Added functions
1.Communication command of AND/OR of a alarm source was added.

V1.27 (Aug 2014)
Added functions
1. SMTP authentication was added to the e-mail function.
1.When real-time split save, not the folder of date with reference to the time on the clock, it was changed to save it to a folder of the date with reference to the record time of measurement data.

V1.26 (June 2012)
Repaired bugs
1.When measured at recording interval 30s and disconnection detection ON and filter 50Hz or 60Hz, then fixes a bug that would have been measured at one-minute intervals.
2.When set to 1 hour or more ordinary, the split time separator operation of Numerical Calc, then fixed a bug that is not separated by the specified length.
3.There is the case that an email is not sent outside trigger, AND trigger, AND alarm. In addition, fixed a bug that mail would have been sent when the entire alarm is set to OFF, the individual is set to ON.
4.Pre-trigger is disabled if you start from the Logger Utility, but If you read the Logger Utility the file that you save and re-read and stored in LR8400, fixed a bug that was pre-trigger from being reflected. In addition, It has also fixed a bug trigger mark display / non-display was incorrect.
5.At Communication command :CURSor:APOSition, :CURSor:BPOSition, It was fixed to 400-350 setting the upper limit of the horizontal cursor.
6.At Communication command :SCALing:VOLT,:SCALing:OFFSet,: SCALing:VOUPLOw,:SCALing:SCUPLOw, :UNIT:POSItion It was fixed the bug in the update of the 2-point set of scaling.
1.It has been improved to :MEMORY:CHSTORE response of.:MEMory:CHSTore? Command.
2.It has been improved to :CONFIGURE:SAVEPRI response of :CONFigure:SAVEPri? Command.
3.When setting of Auto Save is ”Calc Past meas.”, improved save file name as returned of :CONFigure:ATSAve command.
4.It has been improved to be limited to the offset corresponding to the magnification of the change after the :DISPlay:YMAG command.
5.When Numerical Calc is OFF, It has been improved to prevent operation even send the :CALCulate:MEASure EXEC command.
6.When it is in the internal memory of the LR8400 is the measured data, It has been improved to clear the data ,when you send :UNIT:INMOde command. (It has been tailored to the operation of the manual)
7.When you change the gauge screen by :DISPlay:MODE G_W command during start, It was improved settings right of the screen to be displayed.
8.When you set the alarm level and trigger operation and channels on the lower limit of the waveform scaling and value in command, it was improved as -1E-29 to 1E-29 except for 0, and -1E-9 to 1E-9 except 0.
9.:STARt command is disabled during the Loading file and saving file. And it has been improved to run in execution error.
10.It was improved to not draw the waveform when you start to continue to send in 0.1-second intervals :DISPlay:MARK command in USB communication from the start of the measurement before.

V1.25 (December 2012)
Added functions
1.The French display was added only when it shipped as an English-language edition.
2.Transmission in PASSIVE mode was added by the Auto sending data using the FTP Client function.
Repaired bugs
1.In the horizontal-axis setup of 60 or less times of Interval, (Example: Interval:500ms and less than horizontal-axis:30s) it corrected that a horizontal line when a waveform overflows a screen upper and lower limit was not displayed.
2.When a power supply falls during real-time save by the deletion save ON, the folder containing a waveform file may change to the folder name deletion saved. In this case, the folder for deletion is lost depending on the save situation of the folder file in media. Since deletion of the old file by deletion save cannot be performed as a result, an availability is lost. It corrected that data may not no longer be saved to media after it.
3.When it chose ”preservation to a file” and canceled immediately by FTP from Internet Explorer, it corrected that the next FTP operation could not be performed until it closed Internet Explorer.
4.When it was set as LR8400 from Logger Utility, it corrected so that it might not change that a channel display changes from the ”upper and lower limit” to a ”position” on the waveform screen of LR8400.
5.In the e-mail transmitting function, description of the transceiver address of the header part of e-mail was united with the standard (RFC821), and was corrected.
1.Since recognition of CF card in LR8400 may not be able to be performed with some Windows 7,Windows 8 personal computers in USB drive mode, it has improved so that PID for the USB Storage Class discernment may be changed and CF card can be recognized.
2.By the Auto sending data using the FTP Client function, the operation at the times of a communication bad condition (the load of the course of a FTP server or LAN is large) has improved.
1.Error Message 001 Failed to back up the waveform was deleted.

V1.24 (April 2011)
Repaired bugs
1.During ”Real-Time Saving” with the battery pack, if the battery ran out, the measurement could not have been completed, the saved file could not have been read from the HiLogger and the waveform could not have been displayed with the Logger Utility.

V1.23 (March 2011)
Repaired bugs
1.When connecting to a large amount of network traffic, LAN communication was interrupted.
2.While file transfer was performed using FTP server function(LR8400 to PC), if real-time saving was delayed, FTP server stopped working.
3.When waveform data was saved into a file after ”(recording) Interval” and ”Split Length” were set to particular values through a specific procedure, the file might not be able to be read by the Logger Utility.
4.When subnet mask was set to something other than (FF,00,00,00), (FF,FF,00,00), (FF,FF,FF,00), LAN could not be set.
5.File Transfer function became disabled when ”FTP Auto Transfer” failed to send a file.
6.A cut-off frequency to be displayed on the screen was different depending on whether a channel of UNIT 4 was set to ON or OFF.
7.Scaling Setting : When ”Dec (decimal fraction)” and ”2-pt (2 points method)” are selected at a range of between 1-5 V, if 5->0.02 was set to Cnv 1 and 1->0.004 was set to Cnv 2, the value after conversion could not be entered.
8.When communicating by sending commands through USB, if delimiters alone (CR+LF) were sent via terminal software (Tera Term), the USB interrupt could no longer be used.
9.Even if a screen was changed to another screen, a focus frame remained at a background level.
1.As for absolute time format of CSV file, an Excel recognizable format is now selectable.
2.The error message about a waveform backup failure has been revised.
3.The display position of the [Batch Proc] on the screen has been changed to the more easily accessible position.
4.Maximum recording time to media is displayed now as reference.
5.When placing trace cursors on specified channels, if the channel of B cursor is set to OFF or has no measurement data, the difference between the A/B cursors is not displayed on the screen.
6.FTP server’s response time has been improved.
7.When communicating via a LAN connection, if command interface port (incl. the port of Logger Utility) does not respond due to external errors such as cable disconnection and then the normal status is recovered, the communication can be recovered also.

V1.22 (September 2010)
Resolved bugs
1.When all of the following conditions: (1)-(3) were fully met, the following symptoms were appeared. Those bugs are now fixed.
-1. Error occurring conditions (when (1)-(3) fully met):
 (1) Selected Logic or Alarm setting.
 (2) Selected certain specific combination of ”Recording interval” and ”compressed horizontal axis” setting for waveform display.(see Fig. 1 mark with ”*”)
 (3) On the condition of the above (2), the waveform length was longer than approx. 8DIV.
-2. Error symptoms:
 (1) Waveform screen was flickered.
   Waveform screen might not be updated.
 (2) When Waveform screen was saved, the color of BMP file was not normal.
 (3) Communication via USB became unavailable. When measuring with Logger Utility, communication was cut off.
 (4) Data was garbled.
   (Multiple noise was present concentratedly.)
 (5) Abnormal operations: Some of the LR8400 function became unavailable or hung up, such as that Key did not work/Save function did not work.
Other minor bugs were resolved.

V1.21 (May 2010)
Added functions
1.The LAN function is now supported. (Communication method: Logger Utility, HTTP, FTP, Mail and Commands)
Resolved bugs
1.When performing Pulse batch copy on the range setting screen, if the copy destination channels included a Logic channel, the batch copy could not be performed correctly.
2.In the communication command: When you continuously send MEMORY:GETERAL, It becomes impossible to operate when measuring it in Start by the manual operation.
3.While the setting list was being displayed on the setting screen of the HiLogger main unit, if setting commands were sent by Logger Utility, there were cases where the HiLogger could not be operated.
4.When the AB cursor is used with Ch Set and Horz or Zoom and Position are different by the channel that A_CH and B_CH are different, the value of B-A is not correct.
1.Response speed of display screen and waveform screen has been increased.
2.When saving the numerical calculation result, one line of Header to show the unit of each channel has been added.
Other minor bugs were resolved.