LabVIEW driver for LCR Meter IM3523 IM3523A IM3533 IM3533-01

Version 1.00 Apr 02, 2012

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LabVIEW driver (


・This is the LabVIEW driver for LCR Meter IM3523, IM3523A, IM3533, IM3533-01.
・This LabVIEW driver can control and collect data. However, it is not capable of controlling all functions. For details, refer to the Function Manual.

Version Upgrade History

V1.00  (Newest Version)

Operating Environment

WindowsXP (32bit) / Vista(32bit) / 7(32bit/64bit)
(Details depend on the LabVIEW operating specifications.)
Confirm with LabVIEW 2011(sp1) NI-VISA 5.1.1

Supported Operating Systems

7(32-bit or 64-bit)

Contact Information

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