Test the Flexibility of Substrates and Signal Cables

Record and monitor the chronological changes in the resistance values in a flex test of flexible substrates and signal cables.

Resistance changes caused by the flex stress on the flexible wiring substrate used in the wiring to moving parts such as wiring that passes through the hinge of a folding mobile phone or wiring in a camera lens can be recorded on multiple channels.

The LR8401-20 Memory HiLogger provides 30 channels as standard for 4-terminal measurements and can perform measurements on up to 60 channels if channels are added. To measure at more than 60 points (up to 105), use Wireless Logging Station LR8410-20 and designated input modules.

Changes in the temperature during measurement can also be recorded simultaneously by measuring the temperature on another unused channel.

An increase in the resistance value and number of flexes for a broken wire can also be measured by counting the number of flexes using the integration function of pulse digital inputs. Furthermore, the signal at that point can also be output using the alarm output terminal.

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