Product Nov. 20, 2020

Hioki Launches Digital Phase Detector PD3259-50

Bluetooth® wireless communications support reduces workload and work times

Hioki is pleased to announce the launch of the Digital Phase Detector PD3259-50, which supports Bluetooth® wireless communications with smartphones and tablets via the optional Wireless Adapter Z3210.

This capability makes it possible to use GENNECT Cross, a free application from Hioki, to review, manage, and create reports with measured values and to enter measurement data directly into users’ Excel® sheets*.
Like the previous product (the Digital Phase Detector PD3259), the PD3259-50 integrates a phase detector with a voltmeter, allowing it to simultaneously measure both phase and voltage using Hioki’s proprietary no-metal-contact voltage sensor.
The new instrument will help reduce workloads and work times since it not only makes safe, fast measurements, but also supports Bluetooth® wireless communications. That capability allows the entire series of steps from measurement to report creation to be carried out in the field and eliminates the risk of transfer errors.

  • *Hioki plans to add functionality for direct entry of values into Excel sheets to the Z3210 in 2021.

news_detail_512_001Digital Phase Detector PD3259-50

Development Background

In the past, technicians had to record data measured in the field on paper and create reports later. This workflow increased the likelihood that mistakes would be made when recording values on paper or entering them into a computer.
Additionally, the need to transfer values to a computer and to return to the office in order to create reports placed a significant burden on workers.
It is against this backdrop that Hioki is expanding its line of field measuring instruments that support Bluetooth® wireless communications in order to streamline measurement and testing work while accommodating new workstyles. As part of that effort, the company added support for Bluetooth® wireless communications to its phase detector with built-in voltmeter, an instrument that plays an essential role in electrical equipment installation and completion inspections.

Key Features

1. Bluetooth® wireless communications support for reduced workload and work times

When connected to the optional Wireless Adapter Z3210, the PD3259-50 can be paired wirelessly with a tablet or smartphone using Bluetooth®. The ability to send measurement data to such mobile devices eliminates mistakes when writing down values as well as the time and trouble of transferring data to a computer.
Additionally, measurement data can be (1) transferred to GENNECT Cross, a free application from Hioki, or (2) directly entered into an Excel® sheet.

(1) Transferring data to GENNECT Cross

GENNECT Cross can be used to review, manage, and create reports with measurement results. Other functionality allows users to manage data smoothly in the field, for example by placing measurement results on, or adding handwritten memos to, photographs of measurement sites or construction drawings that have been imported into the mobile device.

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(2) Directly entering values into an Excel® sheet (coming to the Z3210 in 2021)

Measured values can be directly entered into an Excel® sheet. When a user opens an Excel® file and presses the HOLD button on the instrument while a cell is selected in the file, the measured value will be entered into the selected cell. This functionality will be useful for customers using a dedicated format to report results.

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2. Easy judgment using vector diagram and unbalance factor displays (coming in 2021)

Until now, unbalance factors had to be calculated separately even if voltage was measured during maintenance of motors and pumps since phase shift and unbalance factor cannot be determined from measured values. With GENNECT Cross, users need only enter measured values to display a vector diagram and unbalance factor figures.
The ability to read unbalance factors directly makes it easy to compare readings with management standards so that motor and pump failures can be prevented.

  • news_detail_512_004*This is a reference image of the planned completion.

3.Fast, safe phase detection and voltage measurement with no-metal-contact voltage sensors

The PD3259-50 can both detect phases and measure voltages. The instrument features Hioki’s proprietary no-metal-contact voltage sensor. These sensors make it possible to detect phase and measure voltage simply by clipping the voltage sensors on the outside of each wire’s insulation, eliminating risk of electric shock and short-circuits.
Whereas the conventional approach required workers to confirm phase connections with a phase detector and then make three voltage measurements with a digital voltmeter, the PD3259-50 can perform all of these operations with a single measurement.

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Principal Applications/ Customers

  • Electrical equipment installation, completion inspections, and periodic inspections

electricians, electrical maintenance engineers, electrical safety associations, power companies

Definition of Phase Detector

A phase detector is an instrument used to determine whether three-phase electrical wiring has been connected in the proper order.
Three-phase electrical wiring uses three or more wires to supply AC voltages characterized by three different phases. Operating three-phase equipment with the phases connected improperly can result in an accident or equipment damage.
Conventional phase detectors only detect whether the phases are connected properly, making it necessary to use another instrument such as a digital multimeter to determine the voltage values between each pair of lines.

  • *Company names and product names appearing in this release are trademarks or registered trademarks of various companies.


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