News Jun. 10, 2022

Hioki Receives “Most Outstanding Business Supporting Future Generations” Award from the Alliance of Governors Supporting Future

Hioki is pleased to announce that on Tuesday, May 24, it received the “Most Outstanding Business Supporting Future Generations” award, the highest honor at the Awards for Businesses Supporting Future Generations, which was held as part of the program at the Fukushima Summit of the Alliance of Governors Supporting Future Generations to Create a Healthy Japan. The summit was held in a hybrid format that combined an in-person venue (J-Village, located in the town of Futaba, Naha-gun, Fukushima Prefecture) with an online forum.

The presentation at Hioki’s Head Office, which included a certificate of commendation and prize, was made by Yoko Nakano, director of the Nagano Prefecture Culture Division’s Children and Youth Bureau. Afterwards, Hioki introduced some examples of its initiatives and their results to the summit attendees, and Nagano Prefecture governor Shuichi Abe offered words of encouragement.

Director Nakano and President Okazawa

The accolade recognizes an extensive program of unique initiatives being undertaken by Hioki in line with its philosophy of “Respect for Humanity ” and “Contribution to Society,” including not only active support for child-raising, women, and youth, but also the establishment of “Future Creativity Time” and the creation of a Salary Committee.

Reflecting its belief that the personal growth of individual employees drives its own growth as a business, Hioki is working to realize a sophisticated balance of individual potential and organizational goals by respecting individual employees’ personalities and aptitudes while fostering their skills and abilities. The company is currently coming together to pursue a variety of initiatives around the theme of maximizing individual and organizational capabilities under Vision 2030, its long-term management policy. 

Going forward, Hioki will continue to work to realize an environment in which employees can achieve high performance and new partnerships and to enable all employees to experience a worker-friendly, motivating workplace. 

About the Alliance of Governors Supporting Future Generations to Create a Healthy Japan
The Alliance brings together governors seeking to become leaders in the effort to address the challenges posed by Japan’s shrinking population by drawing on unique ideas and the ability to take action. Its goal is to facilitate action to create healthy communities in rural areas. As of April 1, 2022, it counts 21 prefectures as members.
About the Awards for Businesses Supporting Future Generations (hosted by the Alliance of Governors Supporting Future Generations to Create a Healthy Japan)
The Awards recognize and introduce the activities of businesses and other entities that are working actively to pursue unique and pioneering initiatives to support child-raising, women, and youth with the goal of cultivating awareness throughout society of the need to support future generations and to create an environment that’s more conducive to those goals. Member prefectures each recommend one business that’s undertaking outstanding initiatives with the potential to serve as a model for other businesses, and the Alliance selects one of those recommended businesses to receive the “Most Outstanding Business Supporting Future Generations” award and two others to receive “Outstanding Business Supporting Future Generations” awards.


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