Why does the display show "Current Over Range" on the Super Megohm Meter?

QWhen measuring resistance with the SM7110, the message "Current Over Range" appears on the display. Measurement does not seem to be taking place properly. What could be the cause?


The following are the possible causes.
1. The measured value exceeds the present "current range" display (meaning the resistance is low). 
Please set to the correct "current range".

2. If the "AUTO Range Timeout Function" is used, the following causes are possible.
If the guards and shields on the main unit and the measurement path are not sufficiently protected, the AUTO-range timeout function may be activated and measurements may be taken at ranges other than the optimum range. At this time, a value outside the accuracy guarantee or [Current Over Range] may be displayed. Check and review the guarding and shielding treatment of the measurement path.

(Super Megohm Testers, High Resistance Meters)

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