Recommended Tools for 15 Measurements in Solar Installation and Maintenance

Engineered to last, photovoltaic systems are designed to be sustainable yet efficient. Regular inspections of photovoltaic systems and solar panels ensure they perform effectively, create the most clean energy possible, and prevent unnecessary and costly problems in the future. Here are our measuring instrument recommendations for solar installation and maintenance processes.

Recommended solar installation and maintenance equipment by HIOKI

1. Temperature measurement

With a two-beam laser marker, pinpoint the spot where you want to measure the surface temperature in a non-contact way.

  • *For industrial use only. Cannot measure body temperature. The laser marker beams are very dangerous if it gets into your eyes.

2. 5. 10. Voltage and current measurement

Safe Measurement of 1500 V DC in Photovoltaic SystemOpen new window
String circuit current test (short circuit or operational)Open new window

3. 11. 14. Insulation measurement

In addition to a normal insulation resistance measurement mode, the PV insulation resistance function lets you measure PV’s insulation during the day safely without short-circuiting. The IR5051 is compatible with 1500 V solar PV systems and is designed to accommodate systems up to 2000 V as technology advances.

3. For 600 V solar PV system insulation testing: INSULATION TESTER IR4053

Insulation Resistance Measurement for the Safety of Solar PV SystemsOpen new window

4. Bypass-diode inspection

Inspect bypass diodes for open and short-circuit faults even in broad daylight without covering panels. Open-circuit voltage, short-circuit current, and bypass route resistance can also be measured.

6. 7. 8. Inverter efficiency, power quality and power generation measurement

With the fourth voltage channel isolated from the first three voltage channels, the instrument can measure power and efficiency across two separate circuits.
The IEC 61000-4-30 Ed.3 Class A compliant meter lets you measure power quality and conduct power generation measurement at a high level of accuracy.

6. For precise and higher voltage of inverter efficiency tesing: POWER ANALYZER PW3390

8. Non-metallic contact power gereration measurement: CLAMP ON POWER LOGGER PW3365

9. Battery deterioration inspection

Measure the internal resistance, voltage, and surrounding temperature simultaneously. With the audio guidance (*1) announcing the next battery number to be measured and the measurement result, you can streamline your battery measurement process.

  • *1:With the GENNECT Cross App

12. Phase inspection

Detect phase sequence and measure three-phase voltage simultaneously by simply clipping the device into covered cables, ensuring that no metal components are in touch for optimal safety.

13. AC Voltage detection

A non-metallic contact voltage detector with a bright LED light that increases safety and productivity even in low-light situations. It beeps and the LED turns red when AC voltage is detected.

15. Earth・Ground measurement

This earth tester withstands temperatures ranging from -25°C to 65°C and is IP67-rated for dust- and water-proof capabilities. It features advanced three-pole and four-pole measurement methods, as well as an innovative cable winder for efficient testing.

Boost your measurement efficiency and data management.

The GENNECT service line allows you to improve your measuring instruments and digitize your measurement data.

At Hioki, we provide solutions to enhance the efficiency, ease, and precision of the solar installation and maintenance processes.

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