The cable length does not seem to be displayed correctly (LAN Cable HiTester)

QI'm using the Hioki LAN Cable HiTester 3665-20. The measured value displayed seems to be longer/shorter than the actual LAN cable length.


The LAN Cable HiTester 3665-20 cable measurement range is 2 m to 300 m. 
The error margin is ±1 m, so the error may become larger depending on the object to be measured.
Please check the following specifications:

Measurement Items

Measurable length: 2 to 300 m (6.6 to 984-ft.)
Measurement accuracy: ± 4% rdg. ± 1 m (±4% rdg. ± 3.3-ft.)
(Accuracy specifying condition: solid wire, not including error caused by inaccurate NVP)
Displayed measurement resolution: 0.1 m (0.3-ft.)

For example, if you measure a 3-meter cable:
The calculation is {3 m-(3 m × 4/100) - 1 m} to {3 m + (3 m × 4/100) + 1 m} = 1.88 m to 4.12 m
Measurements range is between 1.9 m to 4.1 m.

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