For minute voltage measurement, 6 1/2-digit high resolution: Max 1200000 counts

Key Features

  • DVM unit dedicated to 4-channel DCV measurement, 108 channels simultaneous sampling in combination with MR8740T
  • High-precision measurement of fine voltage fluctuation investigation etc. of sensor output
  • High accuracy of ±0.02 % and super-high 1.2 million-count resolution
  • High-speed sampling at 50 samples/s
  • Isolated input (channel-to-channel and channel-to-chassis: max. rated voltag to earth of 100 V AC/DC)

Model No. (Order Code)

U8991 For the MR8740-50
Note: This module must be used with the Memory HiCorder. Input cords are not included. Please purchase them separately.

List of Available Memory HiCorders

Please refer to the table here for the types of input units that can be used for each Memory HiCorder.

List of Available Memory HiCorders

Basic specifications

Accuracy guaranteed: 1 year
Measurement functions Number of channels: 4, for DC voltage measurement
Input terminals Isolated BNC connectors (Input impedance: 100 MΩ or higher with 1 V f.s. to 10 V f.s. range, otherwise 10 MΩ)
Max. rated voltage to ground: 100 V AC, DC (with input isolated from the unit, the maximum voltage that can be applied between input channel and chassis and between input channels without damage)
Measurement range 1, 10, 100 V f.s., 3 ranges
Measurement resolution 1/1 000 000 of measurement range (using 24-bit ΔΣ modulation A/D)
Integration time 20 ms × NPLC (during 50 Hz), 16.67 ms × NPLC (during 60 Hz)
Basic measurement accuracy ±0.02% rdg. ±0.0025% f.s.
Maximum input voltage 100 V DC (maximum voltage that can be applied across input pins without damage)
Dimensions and mass 106 (4.17 in) W ×19.8 (0.78)H × 196.5 (7.74 in)D mm, 250 g (8.8 oz)
Included accessories None

Input cable (A) (4)

*Voltage is limited to the specifications of the iput section

Input cable (B) (1)

*Voltage is limited to the specifications of the iput section

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