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With remarkable progress in IT technology driving the semiconductor industry forward, reliability and productivity have become indispensable. Flying probe testers have long been the industry standard tool for PCB inspection. However, as inspection demands grow more stringent, the FA1815-20 emerges as the next-generation flying probe tester, ready to meet the challenges of precision and speed head-on. Moreover, this tester introduces an innovative approach to insulation resistance inspection that minimizes some cautious users’ concern about board damage with high-voltage testing in high-resistance inspections. This advancement represents Hioki's commitment to providing market-leading solutions that contribute to societal progress.

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Specifications Overview

Number of arms 4 (2 each, top and bottom)
Compatible probes 1172 series, CP1072 series, CP1073 series
Number of test steps Max. 4,000,000 steps
Test parameters and measurement ranges DC constant-current continuity measurement 400.0 mΩ to 1.000 kΩ
DC constant-current resistance measurement 40.00 μΩ to 400.0 kΩ
DC constant-voltage resistance measurement 4.000 Ω to 40.00 MΩ
Insulation resistance measurement 1.000 kΩ to 100.0 GΩ
Low voltage insulation resistance measurement 1.000 MΩ to 100.0 GΩ
AC constant-voltage capacitance measurement 100.0 fF to 10.00 μF
Leakage current measurement 1.000 μA to 100.0 mA
High-voltage resistance measurement 1.000 kΩ to 100.0 GΩ
Capacitor insulation measurement 1.000 kΩ to 250.0 MΩ
Open measurement 4.000 Ω to 4.000 MΩ
Short measurement 400.0 mΩ to 40.00 kΩ
Test parameters and measurement for component-embedded board tests LSI connection test 0.000 V to 12.00 V
AC constant-voltage resistance measurement 10.00 Ω to 10.00 kΩ
AC constant-voltage capacitance measurement 10.00 pF to 100.0 μF
AC constant-voltage inductance measurement 1.000 μH to 1.000 mH
Judgment range -99.9% to +999.9% or absolute value
Movement resolution XY: 0.1 μm/pulse; Z: 1 μm/pulse
Minimum pad pitch Top surface: 34 μm (with CP1075-09)
Bottom surface: 44 μm (with CP1075-09)
Minimum pad size Top surface: 4 μm square (with CP1075-09)
Bottom surface: 14 μm square (with CP1075-09)
Measurement speed Max. 100 points/sec. (0.15 mm movements, 4-arm simultaneous probing, capacitance measurement)
Testable board size Thickness : 1 mm (0.04 in.) to 12 mm (0.47 in.)
Outer dimensions : 50 mm (1.97 in.) W × 50 mm (1.97 in.) D to 340 mm (13.39 in.) W × 340 mm (13.39 in.) D
Maximum testable area 340 mm (13.39 in.) W × 340 mm (13.39 in.) D
Clamp method Flexible Fixture
Vacuum Unit for Capacitance Test (Options)
Air requirements Primary-side pressure: 0.5 MPa to 0.99 MPa (dry air)
Maximum consumption: 0.3 L/min. (ANR)
Power supply 200 V, 220 V, 230 V, 240 V AC single-phase (specified at time of order);
50/60 Hz; maximum power consumption: 5 kVA
Dimensions and weight 1355 mm (53.35 in.) W × 1190 mm (46.85 in.) H × 1265mm (49.8 in.) D(excluding protruding parts);
1100 kg ±50 kg (38800 oz. ±1763 oz.)

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