Connecting current probes to use the Power Meter

QWhat should I pay attention to when measuring with the AC/DC Current Probe CT6843A connected to the Power Meter PW3337?


Main points to be aware of:
1. In addition to the AC/DC Current Probe, the optional Sensor Unit CT9555 and Connection Cord L9217 are required to measure with the PW3337.
2. The "Current input method" and the CT ratio must be selected in order to use a Current sensor (high accuracy current measurement) that falls under TYPE 2 of the Power Meter PW3337.

Setting example: 
When used with the AC/DC Current Probe CT6843A (AC/DC 200 A) and Power Meter PW3337
Set the sensor input type to [TYPE 2] and CT ratio to [4].
Note: The TYPE and CT ratio varies depending on the sensor and wattmeter (power meter). Please check the instruction manual for details.

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