Single Phase Power Meter Compatible with DC Measurement and Current/Power Integration Measurement

Hioki benchtop power meters and power analyzers are best in class power measuring instruments for measuring single to three-phase lines with a high degree of precision and accuracy. The 3334 is an AC/DC power meter that measures inrush current and power consumption, ideal for DC and current and power integration applications to meet energy efficiency standards.

Key Features

  • Compatible with the SPECpower® (*1) benchmarking for server power consumption
  • DC measurement mode, AC, and AC+DC measurement
  • Integration function for current and power
  • ±0.1% high basic accuracy (*2) For complete details, please refer to the specifications)
  • Extended period of guaranteed accuracy of 3 years
  • Complete accuracy over a wide input range
  • *1:SPECpower® is a registered trademark of Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation.
  • *2:For complete details, please refer to the specifications.

Model No. (Order Code)

3334-01 Buit-in GP-IB

AC/DC Measurement

For equipment that uses rectifiers and control devices, it might not
be possible to accurately measure voltage or current without an
AC/DC power meter.

• Half-wave rectified waveforms used for dryers and fans
• Full-wave rectified waveforms used for AC adapters
• Cycle control waveforms used for voltage and temperature
adjustment heaters
• DC waveforms with superimposed ripple components

Basic specifications

Accuracy guaranteed: 1 year
Measurement lines Single-phase/ two-wires
Measurement items Voltage, Current, Active power, Apparent power, Power factor, Frequency, Integration (current, active power), Waveform peak (voltage and current)
Measurement ranges [Voltage] AC/DC 15.000/ 30.00/ 150.00/ 300.0 V
[Current] AC/DC 100.00/ 300.0 mA, 1.0000/ 3.000/ 10.000/ 30.00 A
[Power] 1.5000 W to 9.000 kW (combination of voltage and current ranges)
Integration measurement
Integration time up to 10,000 hours
[Current] No. of displayed digits: 6 digits (from 0.00000 mAh, Polarity-independent integration and Sum value)
[Active power] No. of displayed digits: 6 digits (from 0.00000 mWh, Polarity-independent integration and Sum value)
Input resistance (50/60 Hz) [Voltage] 2.4 MΩ, [Current] 10 mΩ or less (direct input)
Basic accuracy ±0.1% rdg. ±0.2% f.s. (DC), ±0.1% rdg. ±0.1% f.s. (45 Hz to 66 Hz)
Note: Provided accuracy of 1 Year, typical value
Display refresh rate 5 times/s
Frequency characteristics DC, 45 Hz to 5 kHz
Waveform output Parameter output representation: voltage, current and power (3 simultaneous channels), Output voltage: 1 V DC f.s.
Analog output
(D/A output)
Parameter output representation: voltage, current active power and selected 1 item (4 simultaneous channels), Selected 1 item from apparent power, power factor, current integration, active power integration, Output voltage: ±2 V DC f.s.
Functions Rectification method switchable between AC+DC (True RMS), DC (simple average), AC (True RMS), Wave peak measurement, VT or CT ratio settings, Average function
Interfaces RS-232C included as standard, GP-IB (Model 3334-01 only)
Power supply 100 V to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 20 VA max.
Dimensions and mass 210 mm (8.27 in) W × 100 mm (3.94 in) H × 245 mm (9.65 in) D, 2.5 kg (88.2oz)
Included accessories Instruction manual ×1, Power cord ×1

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