Product Dec. 17, 2021

16 New Current Sensor Models for Use with the Power Analyzer PW8001: 14 New Models, Order and Shipment Begin of All 16

Today (Dec. 17th 2021), HIOKI will begin order and shipment of 16 new current sensors designed to achieve high accuracy power measurements with the newly released Power Analyzer PW8001 (order and shipment on Dec. 24, 2021). In addition to the two new models announced September, we are proud to announce adding a surprising number of 14 new current sensors to the mix, with a sum total of 16 new models beginning order and shipment today.


1. Full Lineup

For highly accurate power measurement, current sensors must be handpicked for the device being measured. These new current sensors help create Hioki’s extensive lineup of current sensors that enable power measurements of a wide range of devices. In terms of amperage, the new sensors range from 50 to 2,000 A. In terms of frequency for the measurable current, the range is very wide at DC (0 Hz) to 10 MHz. Cable lengths can also be flexibly chosen for the situation at 3 or 10 meters without special ordering. 

2. Plug & Play

Since there are many factors that contribute to a current sensor accurately measuring currents, setting up is indispensable. Setting up your sensor has traditionally been a tiresome task, also linked to many a frustrating re-measurement caused by operational error. But these problems are now eradicated with the new sensors working in perfect harmony with the new Power Analyzer PW8001. Now, all you have to do for sensor settings is simply connect one of the new current sensors to the PW8001 and the power analyzer makes the main settings necessary for accurate measurement. With this new combination, measurement can be started immediately and mistakes avoided.

3. High Accuracy Measurement

This teamwork between the Power Analyzer and the 16 new current sensors also particularly contributes to highly accurate measurement. Among the data stored on the sensor (e.g. model and calibration data), calibration stands out in terms of its contribution to accuracy. This calibration data is automatically sent to the PW8001 and makes the power measurement much more accurate than ever before possible.

Main Applications

・Evaluation of electricity conversion efficiency in R&D of power supply equipment and motors
・Performance inspection of power supply equipment during manufacturing
・Loss evaluation tests of transformers, reactors, and other electronic components

Anticipated Customers

・Automotive manufacturers, especially of ecological vehicle such as EVs and FCVs (fuel cell vehicles)
・Electric component manufacturers of devices such as transformers, motors, and reactors
・Renewable energy-related manufacturers of equipment such as wind and solar power generators
・R&D engineers dealing with power supply equipment

Shipping Start Date (Global)

16 New Current Sensor Models: December 17, 2021
Power Analyzer PW8001: December 24, 2021


New Current Sensors Specifications

ModelRated currentFrequency bandCable length
AC/DC Current Sensor CT6877A2000 ADC to 1 MHz3 m
AC/DC Current Sensor CT6877A-12000 ADC to 1 MHz10 m
AC/DC Current Sensor CT6876A1000 ADC to 1.5 MHz3 m
AC/DC Current Sensor CT6876A-11000 ADC to 1.2 MHz10 m
AC/DC Current Sensor CT6904A-2800 ADC to 4 MHz3 m
AC/DC Current Sensor CT6904A-3800 ADC to 2 MHz10 m
AC/DC Current Sensor CT6904A500 ADC to 4 MHz3 m
AC/DC Current Sensor CT6904A-1500 ADC to 2 MHz10 m
AC/DC Current Sensor CT6875A500 ADC to 2 MHz3 m
AC/DC Current Sensor CT6875A-1500 ADC to 1.5 MHz10 m
AC/DC Current Sensor CT6873200 ADC to 10 MHz3 m
AC/DC Current Sensor CT6873-01200 ADC to 10 MHz10 m
AC/DC Current Sensor CT687250 ADC to 10 MHz3 m
AC/DC Current Sensor CT6872-0150 ADC to 10 MHz10 m

New Current Sensors Specifications (Direct Connection, Multiple Channels)

ModelSpecificationsRated currentFrequency bandChannels
AC/DC Current BoxPW9100A-350 ADC to 3.5 MHz3
AC/DC Current BoxPW9100A-450 ADC to 3.5 MHz4


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