Information Security Policy

HIOKI E.E. CORPORATION and its affiliated companies (hereinafter referred to as Hioki) must implement appropriate security measures to ensure the safety and reliability of Hioki's information assets.
Hioki's information security policy sets out guidelines for the scope of application and measures and management systems that should be protected for security when utilizing information, with the aim of protecting Hioki's information assets as part of risk management.
All employees of Hioki must recognize the importance of information security and comply with this information security policy.

1. Application Scope

This includes all information assets used in business and facilities for preserving information assets, all executives and employees (including part-time workers), temporary staff, and contractors, etc.

2. Information Assets

Information assets refer to all information generated in business, systems for processing information, and networks for distributing information.
This includes not only internal information but also external information such as customer information, and information stored in information systems, as well as information stored on paper, floppy disks, optical disks, etc.
Information assets should be used only for business execution and should not be used for non-business or personal purposes.

3. Management System

Executives and employees implement necessary information security measures and confirm that necessary measures are implemented for information security with third parties such as contractors.
Hioki conducts appropriate education on information security and, in the event of an accident, investigates the cause of the accident, minimizes the damage, and takes appropriate measures to prevent it from happening in the first place.

4. Physical Security Measures

Executives and employees protect information assets from unauthorized access, theft, tampering, destruction, etc.
Hioki also protects offices, devices handling information assets, networks, etc.

5. Measures against Unauthorized Access

Hioki sets permissions to reference and use information assets to prevent information leakage and tampering, and controls so that only those with legitimate necessity can access, and takes appropriate measures to eliminate the risk of unauthorized access.
Executives and employees understand the importance of access control and properly set passwords and use equipment.

6. Measures against Disasters and Accidents

Hioki takes appropriate preventive and recovery measures to ensure that business activities are not interrupted or stopped due to natural disasters, accidents, equipment failures, or misconduct.