Streamline Battery Management System (BMS) Testing with a Dedicated High-precision Generator

Battery Management System (BMS) and its testing

xEVs and electric storage systems use rechargeable batteries such as lithium-ion batteries. BMS (also known as Battery Management Unit or BMU) is required to operate these rechargeable batteries with high efficiency, long life and safety.
It is required for BMS that Cell-to-cell voltage balancing, state of charge (SOC) estimation, state of health (SOH) estimation and abnormal detection. Depending on the performance of the BMS, the operational efficiency of the rechargeable battery will vary greatly. Therefore, reliability evaluation tests to ensure BMS quality are important.

Issues faced by BMS reliability evaluation tests, and improving efficiency

See the table in the application PDF that summarizes typical test methods and issues.
In Method 1 and Method 2, which combine real batteries and BMS, it is not possible to conduct tests under reliable verification conditions. This is an issue.
On the other hand, in Method 3, the power supply and digital multimeter are connected to the BMS as a battery cell emulator for testing. In addition to the complexity of control and wiring, the problem is the cost when there are many channels.

We will introduce a method to solve these issues.

Generator developed for BMS testing Battery Cell Voltage Generator SS7081-50

HIOKI "Battery Cell Voltage Generator SS7081-50" incorporates a DC power supply for 12 cells, voltage and current meters, and a simulated relay in a single housing.
It can be connected to the BMS board as a battery cell simulator for testing. In addition, cell balancing, charge/discharge simulation, and abnormality detection confirmation are possible by connecting to PC via LAN cable and using the supplied application. Up to 1kV (17 units) can be supported by adding additional units and connecting each cell in series.

The following are the main features.
  • Integrated 12-cell power supply, electronic load and digital multimeter into one unit
  • Industry-leading voltage output precision and voltage and current measurement accuracy
  • Safety and simple simulation functions
  • Control and simulation by the attached PC application
  • Reliable and reliable support by the International  standard calibration organization

The performance of rechargeable batteries is improving every day. In conjunction with this, the requirements for BMS quality are expected to become increasingly stringent. Battery Cell Voltage Generator SS7081-50 has the capability to match such stringent requirements.

Can be mounted on a battery HILS (Hardware-In-the-Loop Simulation)

In the development of xEVs, virtual simulated evaluation HILS has become the mainstream instead of actual performance evaluation. BMS development is also shifting to HILS development.
The SS7081-50 can be embedded in a battery HILS for linked evaluation testing.

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