Test the Electrical and Mechanical Condition of Aircraft Frames

Verify the Integrity Aircraft Frame Welding

Aircraft components including the main frame, body, and internal metallic parts are required to be connected to the ground plane in order to minimize the effects of static electricity and lightning strikes. To verify proper connectivity, the status of connections throughout the fuselage is tested using resistance values.

Measuring over an extremely large area such as across an entire aircraft can take considerable time.  To increase work efficiency, a portable resistance meter with a wide resistance range coupled with extreme measurement position is indispensable. 

A Solution in the R3548 Resistance Meter

The Resistance Meter RM3548 provides the very compact functionality that is convenient for measurement in the field by delivering the following features and performance characteristics:

• 0.1 μΩ resolution allows it to measure minuscule resistance values at a high level of precision
• An extensive selection of probes designed for use with different measurement targets ensures that probes can be selected based on the painted surface or shape with which they will be used
• An LED Comparator Attachment lets you check judgments without the need to look at the instrument’s display
• Data saved in the instrument’s memory can easily be transferred to a computer
• Handy neck strap makes the instrument conveniently portable
• Automatically determine when the measured value has stabilized and then hold and record it using the auto-hold and auto-memory functions

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